North Fork Special Service District

Garbage Hearing and Monthly Board Meeting

August 13, 2020 @ 5:30 p.m.

This meeting was held remotely through the ZOOM application

Any members of the public that wanted to join the public portion of the meeting were asked to email a request for invite to the  District Clerk at or call 801.225.7263 or 801.404.4734 prior to the meeting in 3 separate public posts.

Closed Executive Session

Board members present:

Dr. Stephen Minton- Chairman, Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair, Scott Hart, Duaine Dorton, Thomas Merrill, Gary Liddiard

 Staff members present:

Stephen Miche-Public Works Director, Aubree Durrant-Public Works, Emily Johnson-District Clerk, Ryan Taylor-TO Engineering, Lee Kapaloski-Legal Council

At 5:31 p.m. Dr. Stephen Minton-Chairman brought the meeting to order.  Duaine Dorton moved to enter the closed executive session to discuss District legal matters, Thomas Merrill seconded, all aye.  Closed session commenced at 5:32 p.m.

At 6:31 p.m. Thomas Merrill motioned to end the closed executive session and reconvene in open session.  Scott Hart seconded, all aye.

Garbage Rate Hearing

Board members present

Dr. Stephen Minton- Chairman, Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair, Scott Hart, Duaine Dorton, Thomas Merrill, Gary Liddiard

 Staff members present:

Stephen Miche-Public Works Director, Aubree Durrant-Public Works, Emily Johnson-District Clerk, Ryan Taylor-TO Engineering, Lee Kapaloski-Legal Counsel, David Marsella-Fire Chief, Joseph Martin-Controller

Public Present:

Chris Storbeck, Kurt and Nichole Berge, David Parker, Pamela and Lynn Jenkins, Chris Bramwell


The Garbage Rate Hearing was brought to order by Dr. Stephen Minton-Chairman at 6:32 p.m.  Emily Johnson-District Clerk introduced the public present, Board members and the agenda order.

Dr. Minton discussed issues the District has been facing regarding garbage and waste removal.  There has been an increase of garbage, frequency of garbage needing to be hauled and dumped and landfill rate increases.  During the COVID-19 Pandemic and isolation people are cleaning out their homes and properties and disposing of the waste in the District’s compactor.  Dr. Minton described some of the items that are being illegally left at the District such as a queen size mattress.  Dr. Minton explained that Stephen Miche-Public Works Director has brought this issue before the Board on several occasions, this matter was to be on the April 2020 agenda, due to COVID-19 it was put on hold.  David Parker-Resident voiced that he has been frustrated with the garbage issue.  He understands the mechanism on the compactor used to compact the garbage automatically needs repair and feels doing so would make things a little easier.  He also discussed that the compactor in the past required a code to unlock it and feels having this in place again would limit access.  David stated he is aware of a camera that records the compactor area, he feels this should be reviewed and monitored.  He is also asked that there be signs posted asking users to compact the trash after each disposal, he questioned if there was another type of locking mechanism that could be placed on the compactor such as welding a lock with a combination.  David suggested creating a community committee to solve current and future problems that he feels will continue regardless of a fee increases.

Stephen Miche stated that the transfer station raised their fees in January 2020 by 62% which is why he initiated the rate increase earlier in the year.  Due to limited staff and high volume of responsibilities the public works department currently possesses, community involvement would be appreciated.  Stephen agrees that the increase of dumping most recently is due to the quarantine.  An argument that has been made in previous discussions regarding illegal compactor use and dumping was that renters are the cause of the increase of waste.  Stephen described the illegal material being dumped wouldn’t be relevant to renter garbage or waste (mattresses, couches, dishwashers, lamps, household appliances) but more consistent with an owner.  David Parker reported that he spent an hour last week removing a carpet rake from the dumpster and after several compactions he was able to free up space in the compactor.  He is concerned that issues like this may be causing the dumpster to be hauled more frequently.  He stated that the problem extends beyond the dumping fee increases, lack of compaction and illegal dumping are also a problem.   David proposed that the community address this problem as a committee to find solutions.  Dr. Minton asked David Parker if he would be willing to chair a committee for the District’s garbage, David responded “absolutely”.

Dr. Minton briefly discussed the importance of conservation in the District and would love to have more community support and efforts, he will reach out to David to discuss an approach to develop this committee.  Lynn Jenkins stated he feels it’s important that the community supports each other askes if you see something, you report it.  He feels the volume of trash will decrease now that summer is over, kids are returning to school and visitors will decrease in the Canyon.  Lynn agrees that signs outside of the compactor educating people on proper use would be beneficial.

Nichole Berge is in support of raising fees in order to access the compactor and have waste removed from the Canyon, she agrees with David that after compacting more garbage will fit.  She feels that signs or a system to compact more often would be helpful.

Stephen Miche explained that the weight of the compactor is consistent, hauling is due to lack of room in the main body of the compactor.  He agrees signs are a good idea.  Stephen proposes that the garbage be hauled every 2 weeks or 26 times per year, to raise the fees in order to support that and an anticipated inflation for future.  This would bring the garbage fees from $7.63 to $10.11.

Dr. Minton described in the past a lock being placed, people would leave the garbage outside of the compactor and it would blow around.  The District Clerk voiced that the employees are stopping individuals in the day from illegal dumping, but nights and weekends people continue to leave garbage.  Dr. Minton stated there are cameras on the area, but we do not have the staff available to review the hours of footage.  David Parker stated he would work with the community to assist in a plan.

 Monthly Meeting of the Board of Officers


At 7:00 p.m. Stewart Olsen moved to close the Garbage Hearing, Thomas Merrill second the motion, all aye.  The July 2020 Monthly Meeting of the Board was brought to order by Dr. Stephen Minton-Chairman at 7:02 p.m.

Public Comments

– Chris Bramwell-Resident reported that his profession is in technology and security.  He works with implementing connections with State entities and is willing to help find options for internet providers in the Canyon.  The District Clerk will reach out to Mr. Bramwell regarding possible internet options.

Dr. Minton spoke briefly about the duties of the volunteer Board and the appreciation the District has for individuals who are willing to help in community efforts, all volunteers are welcome.

Informational Items

#1 Squire 2019 Financial Report

– Matt Geddes-Squire presented.  Matt reported that Squire has been conducting the financial audits for the District for several years.  The District has gone through some transitions over the past couple of years including converting to Caselle Database and fine tuning Caselle to fit the District’s needs.  This did cause a setback in the completion of the audit; it was completed and submitted shortly after the July 2020 deadline.  (2019 Financial Audit has been uploaded to the State Transparency website)

Page 2 of the North Fork Special Service District Basic Financial Statements and Reports in accordance with Government Auditing Standards and the State Compliance Audit Guide Years ending December 31, 2019 and 2018;


In our opinion, the basic financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the respective financial position of North Fork Special Service District as of December 31, 2019 and 2018 and the respective changes in financial position and, where applicable, cash flows thereof for the years then ended in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.”


A copy of the 2019 Financial Audit was sent in PDF format to the District Board to review prior to this meeting.  Matt gave a brief summary of the purpose and requirements of a financial audit and the contents of the audit.

Matt stated the audit went very smooth and all the materials requested were provided to Squire.

#2 Fire/EMS Reports

– Fire Chief David Marsella presented.  He reported the EMS annual billing is at 80+%, the budget revenue for 2020 was anticipated to be $70,000, as of August 2020 we have reached $75,000.  The new iPad system and the electronic billing process is working well.  We are also able to capture information more accurately.

Wildland billings $155,000 gross.  The North Fork wildland crew left for Angeles National Forest today.

There have been 30 calls including a fatality on Stewart Falls trail, and a garage fire.

#3 District Clerk Information

– Emily Johnson-District Clerk presented.  All second quarter reporting has been submitted to the State and Federal transparency and taxing agencies.  The District has received July’s County tax deposit.  A check register was submitted to the Board prior to the meeting to review.  Duaine Dorton inquired about checks that were paid to FEMA Interns, he asked if payments would be reimbursed to the District.  Nichole Berge-FEMA Coordinator responded that the reimbursements to the Interns is per school semester after the required documentation is obtain.  Nichole then submits the information to FEMA who reimburse the District.  This includes tuition, turnouts and other training.

The District Clerk stated she is still looking for internet solutions and invites any ideas from the public.  She reported there has been a raise in property transfers and sales, she wanted to remind the public if they are buying/selling a property to have your agent call the office to make sure transfer of services and billings are done properly.  Thomas Merrill recommended we put this on the website.  Chris Bramwell advised that the County has a system that will alert if a sell is made in the District.  Emily will call the County to inquire about this.

#4 Financial Information

– Joe Martin-Controller presented.  The June 2020 District financials were submitted to the Board to review prior to the meeting.  Charts representing District revenue, expenses, assets and liabilities were viewed.  Property taxes reported in 2020 were discussed.  Joe expressed to the Board if there are any questions at any time, to reach out to himself of the District Clerk to provide additional information or reports.

 #4 Water/Wastewater Report

– Aubree Durrant-Public Works presented.  She reports that the fine screen on the wastewater system is not working properly, the parts are no longer being made, she is trying to find a replacement piece.

Since the water addendum to the water moratorium 2 new meters have been placed for homes to be built.   Aubree reports that there have been 4 additional calls from individuals looking to start the application process.

Stephen Miche received a bid back for a preliminary evaluation report for the Forest Well from Loughlin in the amount of $6,000.  There has been progress on connecting the water facilities (tank 4 and tank 3).  Initially the cost to operate remotely was in the $50,000 range but a pathway study may help to lower this cost.  The Consumer Confidence report has been distributed to all homeowners (this information can also be found at

The A/C in the wastewater plant is not working.  The quote for a fix was $3,700.  Stephen is hoping the weather will cool down so the fix can wait until 2021’s budget.

Duaine Dorton inquired of the status on the cost of service analysis and if the target for mid-September is on schedule.  Stephen stated he is working with Ryan Taylor-Engineer on this.  A water model needs to be developed in order to make recommendations to the Board including improvements to the water system.  The information has been collected but it’s not matching prior information.  The water department is going out in the field and reconfirming some of the pressure data to calibrate this water model with a 20% margin of error.  Stephen stated they are still shooting for the mid-September date.  Other information:  None

Action Items

#1 Approval of June and July 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Thomas Merrill motioned to accept the June 2020 Board Meeting Minutes as written, Stewart Olsen seconded.  All aye motioned passed.

Duaine Dorton motioned to accept the July 2020 Minutes of the Board as written, Stewart Olsen seconded.  All aye, motioned passed.

#2 2020 Garbage Fees

 Stephen Miche stated the current garbage rate is $7.63 per month.  Dumping fees at the North Pointe Transfer Station have increased by 60%.  Due to frequency of hauls and increase in dumping fees, Stephen recommends the fee be raised to $8.79 at minimum.  His second recommendation is to raise the fees to $10.11 to adjust for a 3% inflation or increased cost of services over the next 5 years.  Discussion of a rate increase and fees for hauling ensued.  Joe Martin-Controller referred to the June Income Statements and minus depreciation, the garbage fund has a $600 dollar loss.  This is going to cause the District to use the reserve fund if a rate increase doesn’t take place.  An Excel spreadsheet was shared to view by Stephen.  He calculated 30 hauls per year vs. 26 hauls per year and inflation.

Stewart Olsen recapped that David Parker volunteered during the Garbage Hearing to chair and organize a community garbage committee to review the garbage issue and make recommendations to the Board.  He stated we need to charge enough fees to avoid going into a deficit in the garbage fund but allow a committee to look for solutions.  Scott Hart informed Stephen that local law enforcement is watching for infractions on overweight cargo going through the canyon and heavily fining for violations.  Chris Storbeck asked if changing the rate based on a 26 a year haul will cover the current deficit incurred through August of 2020, Stephen stated it will not.  Joe Martin stated the deficit in June including depreciation was $1,500.  Joe recommended that depreciation be included in the shortfall as the equipment is being used and worn out and will need to be replaced at some point.  A 33.6% increase would be needed to “break even”.  David Parker stated the goal is to “break even”, his goal of the committee would be to focus on more than dollar and cents and the community committee should manage utilization and abuse of the garbage system.  Thomas Merrill moved to raise the garbage fees to $10.15 per month.  Duaine Dorton seconded the motion, all aye.  Motion passed.  (Gary was not on the line, abstained).

 #3 Tier 2 Firefighter Contribution

Due to legislation changes in the Utah firefighter retirement fund which took effect July 1, 2020, there has been a change in the Utah Retirement System (URS) Tier 2 contribution.  As part of this legislation 2.27% could be passed to the employee or the District.  The other full-time employees of the District staff’s contribution portion are being picked up by the District.  It was agreed during discussions that in order to be consistent with employee benefits and to demonstrate impartiality, the District should cover the same benefits for all full-time employees.  Stewart Olsen moved that the District pick up the 2.27% portion of the URS Firefighter Tier 2.  Duaine Dorton seconded the motion.  All aye, no opposed, motion passed.

 #4 Mandan Unit Penalty Fees and Action to Interrupt Services

Dr. Minton spoke towards the nonpayment or partial payments made towards fees owed to the District.  The Mandan HOA has no dispute to the amount owed and therefore should be notified that payment must be received by the end of the month (August 31, 2020) in order to continue water and sewer services.  The District Clerk stated that during this board meeting, she received text messages from the Mandan HOA’s accountant/representative Bob Smart confirming he would have the payment to the District by the end of the month.  The District Clerk inquired how the late and interest should be calculated.  Discussion on the units and the history of the combined units and their metering system were had.  Duaine Dorton stated that in principle there is an agreement between the District and the Mandan units regarding delivery of services and fees, but a legal agreement needs to be signed and executed.  Lee Kapaloski-Legal Counsel stated he would deliver the contract to the Board.  Duaine Dorton feels that prior agreements should be reviewed, and a contract should be signed.  This matter is tabled until a contract is produced and signed.

#5 Fire House Expansion

Gary Liddiard explained that the retaining wall near the fire station is falling apart.  This was meant to be a temporary wall.  Gary feels that a retaining wall and foundation at least needs to be addressed before winter and architecture designs be prepared for a future build/expansion of the fire house and the firefighters’ dorms.  This matter has been addressed in prior years; due to other pertinent issues the District has been facing, the firehouse expansion has been postponed.  Ryan Taylor-Engineer suggested the first step is to revisit the master plan, including the initial plans of taller bays.  Ryan doesn’t feel construction is attainable before winter although temporary reinforcements could be made on the wall, the permit process could take months.  Chief Marsella discussed briefly construction and permits from the County.  He is hoping to at least get the preliminary processes completed over the winter to prepare for construction in Spring.  There is approximately $300,000 in the fire capital fund.  There is $15,000 in the 2020 budget for a new fire station.  Discussion of drains, footings and foundations ensued.  Chief Marsella discussed other unforeseen costs such as housing the staff and firetrucks.  Thomas Merrill motion to allow Ryan Taylor to provide the Board with engineering and construction plans for a retaining wall and proposed fire station.  Stewart Olsen seconded the motion, all aye no opposed.  Motion passed.

 #6 2020 Budget Amendments Hearing Date

The District Clerk discussed the changes in the chart of accounts and garbage rate changes.  The State budget report needs to be revised before year end.  Joe Martin discussed the State requirements and the ability to change line items within the same category/fund.  Gary Liddiard motioned to hold the budget amendment hearing October 8, 2020.  Thomas Merrill seconded the motion.  All aye, motion passed.

#7 Road Repair Timphaven Road

David Parker presented.  David gave a visual presentation on shared screen titled “Timphaven Road Damage Assessment” which included multiple photos of the road and surrounding area.  He discussed concerns he and his HOA have due to the uneven depression in the road including snowplows, vehicle damage and potential accidents.  He believes the road damage was due to a pipe leak/break.  Stephen Miche shared view of a picture taken when the road was dug up during construction near a valve the time of the leak.  Stephen stated they initially thought a pipe had burst, they dug several feet down and 20-30 feet across the road to investigate, the dirt was dry in this area and the pipe had not burst as they suspected.  The 6” line that formally serviced The Meadows was partially exposed and the dirt surrounding it was compacted which gave them evidence there was not a break in this area.

Discussion of a large water leak, the area of the road and the “timing” of the road patch arose.  David Parker left the meeting to attend a scheduled meeting to Hong Kong.  Discussions of temporary and long-term solutions continued between the staff and the Board.  Aubree Durant stated that when David Parker first brought this issue to the water departments attention, he was claiming the valve was lower in the road.   Its new information to her it’s now the side cut that he feels is causing the depression.

Dr. Minton asked that an evaluation take place to obtain more information before a decision is made. Duaine Dorton asked if it would matter if this was water related or not and would it be the District’s liability?  Lee Kapaloski-Legal Counsel stated there would need to be a causation relationship that the HOA would have to prove between what the District did to repair a leak and if that caused some type of drop on a road that may not have been smooth before the water leak repair.  Scott Hart commented that the traffic in that area is not limited to residential traffic, there has been building and heavy equipment driving on that road that may be a contributor.  Stephen Miche stated he has a contractor coming up next week for another project, he will ask him to give him a bid on a road patch.

Duaine Dorton motioned to have the North Fork Public Works obtain a bid to overlay the asphalt to repair the drop in Timphaven Road.  Thomas Merrill seconded the motion.  Gary Liddiard abstained, all other aye, no opposed.  Motion passed.  Dr. Minton expressed that if a repair is to be made in the future, all HOA members must sign a release and agreement prior to any work.

#8 Wastewater Discharge Permit Renewal for Sundance

Duaine Dorton presented.  Duaine read from document presented to the NFSSD Administrative Control Board prior to the meeting titled “RE: Proposal To Adjust EQ Project To Address Discharge Permit Requirements” (also referred to as The Memorandum of Understanding or MOU).  This document was reviewed during executive session, Duaine asked that each bullet point be voted upon as an action item primarily so the Sundance Legal Team can put together the MOU for the North Fork Board to approve.

  • “Sundance and NFSSD Board to enter into a binding Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) memorializing the terms and conditions of this proposal ASAP but no later than August 20, 2020. This MOU will include the information specified below and all other mutually approved terms and conditions.”
  • Dr. Minton stated he is in favor of an MOU, but one that states the overall project is to have Sundance Resort in compliance with discharge ordinances.  Lee Kapaloski specified that certain parts of this MOU would become part of the discharge permit and others will not be included in the discharge permit.  Duaine Dorton asked for any additional comments, no comments.  He asked if there was any opposition, no comments.
  • “NFSSD Board to approve of this proposal at the August 13th NFSSD Board meeting which discussion and approval will be reflected in the Board meeting minutes and vote to approve, by resolution and in accordance with applicable law, the reissuance of the Sundance Industrial User Wastewater Discharge Permit No. 001.”

Dr. Minton stated that the MOU needs to be in place before the Board can agree to this.  Stewart Olsen asked Duaine if Sundance Resort will reach the November deadline for putting in a grease trap if this goes into the end of August.  Duaine stated “I believe so, but I don’t want to wait until the end of August, I want to get this done soon as possible”.  Lee Kapaloski advised the Board a meeting can be held at any time.  Dr. Minton stated this will all be conditional upon the approval of the MOU.  Stewart Olsen stated he understood that the MOU is not being approved, only certain concepts so Duaine can bring this back to Sundance.  It was understood this is not an MOU, this will be a proposal and conditional on the MOU being approved by the North Fork Board.  Duaine asked if there was any opposed, there was no comment from the Board.

  • Sundance will make a “good faith deposit” of $200,000 into a segregated deposit or trust account with mutually acceptable control agreement parameters so NFSSD is confident that there is money set aside for any future work, if needed beyond the second phase.”

 Stewart Olsen responded, “that’s not enough”, and that it needs to cover the ability to place the equalization basin.  Duaine stated this would not cover all costs of the equalization basin but would be a “good faith” deposit by Sundance Resort.  Dr. Minton asked what the cost to replace membranes would be, Stephen stated in 2016 replacing carriages were $106,000 for one side.  The updated cost for different types of membranes were $236,000 to replace cassettes in both basins, he didn’t have a current cost estimate.  Duaine stated that if the membranes were to fail at this time, Sundance would pay 83% regardless so he doesn’t feel that setting funds aside for replacement would be necessary.  Stephen Miche asked if that would be coming out of the normal operational fund?  Duaine responded that funds should have been set aside for capital replacement.

Stephen read from his notes the terms of the contract and stated a depreciation fund was not set up for Wastewater, the money held by the State is held for debt payment not replacement or repairs of the system.  Lee Kapaloski recalled the 2017 sewer hearing and discussion of setting monies aside for a Wastewater Capital Fund.  Discussion of capital reserves and sewer service costs ensued.  Duaine referred to the current discharge permit that references violations.

Duaine asked if the Board could go through and agree or disagree with the bullet points so he can bring material back to Sundance as a first step to an agreement towards the MOU.  Lee asked Duaine if he was proposing this as a draft based on concepts not the actual agreement so the details can later be laid out.  Duaine agreed the details need to be worked out but that’s not what is being done right here, right now.  Lee responded, “we can’t, no”.  Duaine asked the Board if everyone was agreeable to the $200,000 being set aside in a segregated fund?  Stewart Olsen abstained, no other comments.

  • “Sundance will negotiate, sign, and fund the contract for the modified bid with TEC Excavationof$136,691 for the grease trap portion of the EQ Project.”                                       Duaine Dorton asked if there were any objections.  Stewart Olsen responded, if there are cost in the meantime, he asks that Sundance Resort pay the portion because if the bid is not obtained, he doesn’t want to stop.  Ryan Taylor asked if using generic wording may be more appropriate and less limiting.  FOG mitigation device vs. be specific with a 5,000-gallon grease trap?  Dr. Minton voiced concern that they are talking about generalities to be put into an MOU when in fact the MOU needs to be more specific and will require dates and times, he is concerned about what is being agreeing to.

Dr. Minton expressed he doesn’t see any points on this list that the Board will fully disagree with, it just needs to be expanded upon an include greater detail.  Duaine asked if the Board agrees with the basic concepts and that later it will expand into greater detail?  Lee stated that from a legal side, he wants to clarify this is a discussion of concepts not an agreement and the Board cannot agree or vote without better details.  Lee stated he would not advise the District Board to agree to specific terms tonight.  Duaine asked if a vote on bullet point #1 and approval for putting an MOU together and approved as soon as possible with a contingent discharge approval based on the MOU being completed could be made.  Dr. Minton agreed and stated, “we will work diligently to get that done over the next week to two weeks”.  Lee asked who he will be working with, Duaine responded Mr. Jolley.

Other bullet points included;

  • “Sundance will work with TEC to quickly mobilize to install the grease trap portion of the EQ Project so construction is completed by this November or sooner”
  • “Sundance will work with TEC, TO Engineering and Sundance engineers to explore whether there are viable alternatives to relocate the grease trap to accomplish separate monitoring from other users of wastewater system. Sundance will also work with these experts to ensure that the grease trap captures restaurant discharge and that the grease trap can be separately metered from other users of the Wastewater Treatment Facility/System.”
  • “Sundance will operate the grease trap (including manual pumping, if necessary) and determine through verified weekly/monthly monitoring and testing how much impact the grease trap has on the overall system reducing FOG/BOD to meet the discharge permit requirements. NFSSD will be granted an easement and have access to the grease trap for monitoring and verification purposes.”
  • “From completion of the installation of the grease trap portion of the EQ Project through April of 2021, Sundance/NFSSD will monitor, test and gather data on influent treatment and FOG/BOD levels which will guide the parties on what next steps are appropriate.”
  • “TO Engineering and Sundance engineers will continue to work in good faith with TEC Excavation to explore possible ways to reduce the costs of installation of EQ tanks if necessary, depending on data received.”
  • “Depending on the data and results, next steps could be installing the EQ tanks as currently proposed (i.e., 20K gallon tanks), reducing size and scope of EQ tanks or take no further action as FOG/BOD levels meet discharge permit parameters. Parties to mutually agree upon decision making parameters for next steps, if required.”
  • “The Sundance segregated funds will be used to fund this portion of the EQ Project.”
  • “If it is determined that the EQ tanks are not necessary to address the FOG/BOD issue, then the segregated/controlled funds will be released to Sundance.                                                               A motion that Sundance Resort and the North Fork Special Service District are going to work on a Memorandum of Understanding to define the terms and the conditions of issuing a pretreatment agreement to Sundance Resort.  Sundance compliance with the discharge ordinances with August 20th being the goal date.  For the District to proceed with an issuance for a permit for Sundance discharge they will need to be in compliance.  Stewart Olsen moved; Gary Liddiard seconded the motion.  Duaine Dorton recused himself, all others aye, no opposed.  Motion passed.

Dr. Minton asked for a committee of himself, Stewart Olsen, Tom Merrill, Stephen Miche and Ryan Taylor be formed and to prioritize the MOU being completed.  Gary Liddiard asked that any meetings or information regarding this issue that take may take place be shared with the Board during this process to keep the Board informed.

Stewart Olsen asked that if the Board or Stephen Miche has any input on the details, to submit those to Lee Kapaloski and the Board.  Duaine Dorton stated Sundance counsel will put together the original draft.  Dr. Minton asked that he be updated daily on this matter to keep it on track.

Scott Hart motioned to close the August 2020 Monthly Meeting of the Board of Officers at 10:20 p.m. Gary Liddiard seconded, all aye.  Meeting adjourned.