North Fork Special Service District

Monthly Board Meeting

September 9, 2021 @ 7:00 p.m.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and concerns, this meeting will be hosted via Zoom Application without an anchor location.  Any members of the public that would like to join the public portion of the meeting will need to email a request for invite to the District Clerk at admin@NFSSD.org or call 801.225.7263 or 801.404.4734 prior to the meeting/hearing.

Visit NFSSD.org for additional information including meeting minutes and a link to access The Little Manual for Local and Special Service Districts.

 Monthly Meeting of the Board of Officers

Board members present:

Dr. Stephen Minton-Chairman, Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair, Duaine Dorton, Gary Liddiard, Chad Linebaugh, Keith Payne, Scott Hart

Staff members present:

Stephen Miche-Public Works Director, Aubree Lincoln-Public Works, Emily Johnson-District Clerk, David Marsella, Ryan Taylor, Joseph Martin-Controller

Mindi Neilsen left at approximately 8:15 p.m.

Public present:

Ann Marie Howard-General Council for Sundance Group

George Taylor

Bryan Kindred


At 7:00 p.m. the meeting was brought to order by Dr. Stephen Minton-Chairman.

Public Comments


Informational Items

#1 Fire/EMS Report

– Chief Marsella sent out the fire reports prior to tonight’s meeting.  The Wildland crew is currently deployed to the California Dixie Fire, 24 hours shifts, they will be returning Saturday.  The Department of Emergency Management said they would like our crew to return this coming Monday.

26 calls last month, 196 calls YTD.  The Wildland crews have been on fires in California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, and Washington this year, Engine 212 is returning from their 3rd deployment to California.  Tires on the water tender were replaced during deployment to the Washington fire (they have not been changed since 2006).  The Washington fire paid for 2 tires; the District paid for 4 tires.

Inter-agency fire reports that we are not in a severe threat of fire at this time however the Wasatch Cache Uinta National Forest went back to an extreme fire danger, so our District is raising our warning to extreme fire danger.

There is a shortage of firefighters in Utah, the District is looking at recruitment options.

 #2 District Clerk Information

– Emily Johnson-District Clerk presented. Check registers were emailed to the Board prior to this meeting.  “UDOT Station” should be referred to as “Station 2” from now on.

#3 Financial Information

– Joseph Martin-Controller (Joe) sent out the financial reports prior to this meeting.  Joe reviewed the statements with the Board and public including expenses, revenues, net position, and budget amounts.  Keith Payne inquired about interest rates, Joe said he will investigate refinancing bonds and loans within the District.

 #4 Water/Wastewater Report

– Aubree Lincoln-Public Works presented.  Graphs and reports were distributed to the Board prior to the meeting.

Water Department Information for August

  • Our water consumption has decreased overall for this same time last year by 283,525 gallons, or 0.87 ac-ft.
  • Deer Creek capacity is 62%, same as last month.
  • Jordanelle capacity is 55%, which is down from last month.
  • Aspen Grove wet-well levels peaked around 8.2 feet in middle of June but has dropped to an average of 6 feet for July. August’s average was 5.5 feet. Still keeping up with demands, just not recharging as quickly as it used to. There is no excess water leaving our wet wells.
  • Stewart Spring was averaging 38 gpm going into the tank in June, is now averaging 22 gpm, so a decrease as well for August.
  • Had PRV maintenance this month. Discovered one of our PRV has been torn apart from the inside from cavitation (air trapped in the valve). Luckily, we had a PRV down stream of this one that was able to handle the malfunction, so we did not see super high spikes like we did years ago. We have a new valve ordered, it must be custom made to address the cavitation problem, which will get here in 8 to 9 weeks. This was an unplanned expense of $5,500 that I authorized. We have a temporary fix on the way that will be installed next Tuesday. A small stretch of Timphaven is affected by this broken PRV, with low water pressure until we can get the temporary fix in place.
  • We also had a different PRV leaking on Big Pine from brass fittings going bad. These parts were replaced with stainless steel parts, which are more appropriate for the high pressures these see. We are switching all our brass on the PRV’s to stainless steel parts for this reason.
  • We do have unaccounted water on the lower pressure zone but can account for some of it with hydrant usage for fire trainings and water loss with PRV situation.
  • Unaccounted water in the Upper Pressure Zone – Still trying to track this down. This is where most of our unaccounted water is.

Wastewater Department Information for August

  • Lab results indicated there were violations for every lab taken in August, some for BOD, some for TSS and some labs were over both with BOD and TSS. When we poured our composite sample – there was an obvious higher thickness to the sewer sample than usual from beginning of August until the 24th of August, it is was a little thinner but other than that there was no noticeable difference from previous samples.
  • Membranes were starting to fail mid-August, so we performed a T=Chlore clean on MBR 2 and saw positive results.

Action Items

 #1 Approval of the August 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Duaine Dorton moved to accept the August 2021 board meeting minutes as written, Keith Payne seconded.  All aye, no opposed.  Motion passed.

 #2 Sundance Cottage Amendment Plat

Chad Linebaugh motioned to approve Stephen Miche to write a letter in approval of the Sundance Cottage Amendment Plat as requested if he finds that it will not encroach on any sewer or water lines or easements.  Duaine seconded the motion, all aye and no opposed.  Motion passed.

#3 Committee Chair Assignments

– Dr. Minton explained that these committees will be assigned to a Board Member so they may have more involvement and understanding in District daily processes.  They may be included in meetings and discussions as well as work sessions when needed which can be presented to the entire Board and public, members of the District are invited to join these committees. Scott Hart motioned to accept the District committee subcommittee assignments as written in the memo circulated by Dr. Minton, with any changes submitted by Friday September 17, 2021.  Gary Liddiard seconded the motion.  All aye, no opposed.  Motion passed.

George Taylor, resident of the Brickerhaven area thanked the Board for their service.  Bryan Kindred offered to aid in the water and wastewater committees.

At 8:24 p.m. Duaine Dorton motioned to close the  meeting, Keith Payne seconded.  All aye, no opposed, meeting adjourned.