North Fork Special Service District

Monthly Board Meeting

October 4, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

North Fork Fire Station

Board members present:

Stephen Minton-Chair, Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair, Gary Liddiard-Secretary, Bert Thomas, Keith Payne and Bryan Ackerman. 

Keith Payne left at 8:25 p.m., returned at 9:16 p.m.

Gary Liddiard-Secretary left at 10:05 p.m., didn’t return.

Staff members present:

Emily Johnson-District Clerk, Dave Marsella-Fire Chief, Stephen Miche-Public Works, Aubree Durrant-Public Works, Lee Kapaloski-Legal Counsel via phone, Ryan Taylor, Scott

Public Present:

Chris Storbek, LeRoi Nelson and David Nelson


Meeting called to order at 7:08 p.m. by Chair, Dr. Stephen Minton

  • #1 Public Comments

-No Public Comments

  • #2 Guest Speaker:  2017 Financial Statements with Matt Geddes of Squire

-No show.  Per Dr. Minton, if he is unable to make it a third month in a row, we will need to seek new financial reps.

  • #3 Approval of board meeting minutes

-The minutes of September 2018 were approved by board.

  • #4 Approval of 2019 Monthly Board Meeting Dates

-District Clerk Emily Johnson presented.  July 4th is the first Thursday of July (National Holiday).  Motion set that all meeting of 2019 will remain on the first Thursday of the month with exception to July 4, 2018 which will be held July 11, 2019.  Motion seconded.  All voted aye.  Motion passed.

  • #5 LeRoi Nelson water appeal

– LeRoi Nelson presented.  Background and appeal were submitted.  The matter of transactions subsequent to LeRoi Nelson’s land purchase in 1966 which he believes gave him half interest in spring water that emanates from on or next to his property, at the time of purchase discussions.  Lee Kapaloski-Legal Counsel was added to conversation at 7:20 p.m.  Although LeRoi and Board agree there was no malicious intent during the water exchange, there has been some miscommunication and perhaps inaccuracies in government reporting.  This is prohibiting LeRoi to obtain current approvals through the County to build any additional structures on his property and becoming problematic for him.  Board member Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair submitted a document described as the “history of the board”, and presented that to LeRoi.  Currently, the District doesn’t have an acre foot in their pool of water to give or even sell to LeRoi.  It was suggested by Lee Kapaloski-Legal Counsel that LeRoi investigate purchasing water rights outside of the District.  Discussion of how the metering, protection zones, quality of water, fees and zoning, laws and compliance may be handled pursued.  It was mutually decided between the board, Lee Kapaloski, LeRoi Nelson and LeRoi’s son David Nelson that research including purchase of water rights for the Nelson’s and all District, State and County compliances and rules would be reviewed.  This matter is tabled until a written summary is submitted by the Nelson’s.

  • #6 Winter Sewer Operation

-Presented by Stephen Miche-Public Works, forms submitted for Mitigation report.

Stephen has met with Sundance Resort, they do not have the housing yet for the DAF system.  This could potentially cause issues as it had last year in the winter with system failure and possible damage to sewer equipment for the District.  Since a large majority of the waste is coming from Sundance Resort, this could cause them to shut down during their peak time of year and become a burden to the residents on the same system.  Stephen had been introduced to a machine by TO Engineers that was for sale.  This is a second-hand DAF that is a smaller version DAF NFSSD can house, and could mitigate issues that may reoccur over the 2018-2019 winter season until Spring of 2019 when Sundance has stated they will have a larger machine up and running.

Ryan Taylor and Stephen Miche will get a cost estimate for the smaller DAF including possible fines for BOD, plumbing, labor, tank transport and send a letter sent to Sundance Resort regarding violations and solutions.  The alternative would be shutting down system for the entire District.  A letter is to be sent to Sundance as soon as possible about rate increase to help supplement the cost of this preventative equipment.  Lee Kapaloski-Legal Counsel, will find the pretreatment agreement and get back with board.

Motion set by Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair to buy used DAF for $40,000 from TO Engineers using funds from the capital replacement fund.  Seconded by Bryan Ackerman.  All voted aye, motion passed.

*Fat for energy will be reviewed by Stephen Miche-Public Works, with Sundance for follow up to prior conversations with them.

  • #7 Backhoe for Public Works

-Presented by Stephen Miche-Public Works, project form submitted.

The State is supporting a contract with CAT.  A buyback program can be placed.  Discussions of rental fees, hauling fees, staff training, use for snow removal, hazmat spills, fires, ensued.  Due to availability to rent equipment or hire out excavator and monetary restriction, the board felt time restrictions to department (spreading staff too thin) was a concern.  The matter is tabled until Public Works can give more details as to what the backhoe could be used for and what time it will take from personnel to run the equipment.

  • #8 Aspen Grove pumphouse and Well #2

-Ryan Taylor presented.  Summary of bond minus The Stewart Water Line was submitted.

Well: Summary of where we are with bond minus the Stewart water line submitted.  If bond is increased, rates would need to be increased.  Consideration of phasing is an option to give flexibility should more funds are needed in future, since end cost is not set.  3 bids were submitted.  Scapo may need to be informed of a route to drill location and an easement conversation is to be had with Sundance for drilling access.  Ryan will be working on obtaining drinking water application and well design process approvals from State.  Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair moved to approve moving forward with well project bidding and approval processes with the State, second by Keith.  Aye bye all, motion passed.

Aspen Grove Pumphouse: A bigger vault with generator the meets all of the needs the engineers foresee was proposed.  This is a much better design for long term.  The current pump is too little to resolve existing and future problems.  An electronic device to measure water is being placed, the ability to find and repair leaks needs to be added to the current budget.  It was suggested a letter from the board to make residents aware of possible water shortages and to educate the public about water use and conservation could be beneficial.  If the pilot well and pumphouse are both done, we may go over budget.  There may be a future motion needed regarding budget changes.  Motion the new pump station would take over existing spring field pump.  A change order will be modified for funds.  Motion was set by Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair, seconded by Keith Payne.  All aye, motion passed.

Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair made motion to empower Lee Kapaloski-Legal Counsel to renegotiate bond for $750,000 with option of one million and 1.5 million.  Bryan Ackerman second motion.  All aye, motion passed.

  • #9 Financial Report/District Clerk

-Emily Johnson presented.  New district clerk, introduction made.  Evaluation of things found such as missing State and Medicaid reports, months pending closing and other concerns were brought before the Board.  A list of duties that need to be completed, items listed by matter of urgency will be made and worked on by the new District Clerk.

  • #10 Fire/EMS Report

-Dave Marsella-Fire Chief presented.  Changes in billing companies for ambulance was discussed, changes are in motion.  New hires discussed using the FEMA grant along with hiring was introduced to board.  There will be a $24,000 billing for the Pole Creek and Bald Mountain fires.

  • #11 Water/Waste Water Report

-Presented by Stephen Miche and Aubree Durrant-Public Works.  A second chemical clean was needed as both basins are being used.  Side two needs to sit longer for chemical clean.   A water loss chart was submitted to show unaccounted water.  The Badger Meters and system is no longer supported, which means new equipment will be needed eventually.  There is an 80,000-gallon use on common lower meter.  In order to find where this water is going, they will be locking down meters.  Replacement of meter will need to be made and a conveyance fee may need to be implemented to water user.  Emergency number for Water is available currently.  The Stewart side needs to be chloritized as it has come back positive on that side of the tank.

  • #12 Discuss the New Water Ordinance

-Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair presented.  Stewart will be sending information about rewriting ordinances to project and predict water use.  Lee Kapaloski-Legal Counsel has been asked to get a list of water rights, so the District is familiar with how much water can be legitimately drawn through pipes we own and common spring.

  • #13 Well Development Update

Ryan Taylor presented.  The bids have been received and it has been awarded to Alan Lange. Lange was the recommended contractor as he is lowest bid and most experienced in this area.  He is waiting from proper easement approval from Sundance to begin drilling.

  • Motion to adjourn by Dr. Minton-Chair at 12:20 a.m. 10/5/2018. Motion seconded.  All voted aye, meeting adjourned.
  • Minutes recorded and noted by Emily Johnson-District Clerk. Minute SECOND DRAFT typed and submitted to Board 10/10/2018

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