North Fork Special Service District Monthly Board Meeting November 1, 2018 at 7:00 pm North Fork Fire Station Board members present: Stephen Minton-Chair, Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair, Gary Liddiard-Secretary, Duaine Dorton, Thomas Merrill, Keith Payne and Bryan Ackerman.  Gary Liddiard-Secretary left at 10:23 p.m., didn’t return. Staff members present: Emily Johnson-District Clerk, Dave Marsella-Fire Chief, Stephen Miche-Public Works, Tanner Ricks-Public Works, Aubree Durrant-Public Works, Lee Kapaloski-Legal Counsel via phone and, Ryan Taylor of TO Engineering.  Lee Kapaloski-Legal Counsel added via phone at 7:34 p.m., left meeting at 9:33 p.m. Dave Marsella-Fire Chief left meeting at 11:10 p.m., didn’t return. Public Present: Chris Storbeck, LeRoi Nelson, David Nelson, Julie Mack, Pamela McCue, Scott Hart and Lynn Jenkins. Residents/Public left at or before 11:00 p.m. with exception to Scott Hart who remained duration of meeting. Proceedings: Meeting called to order at 7:02 p.m. by Chair, Dr. Stephen Minton
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  • Guest Speaker:  2017 Financial Statements with Matt Geddes of Squire
-Matt Geddes of Squire presented.  He offered some recommendations for the District to be in compliance with the State such as public notices, contact information for the Board Members, and other information that should be publicly accessible to the community.  The Board asked that 2017 Financials be made accessible to them in PDF form. Informational Items:
  • #1 Fire/EMS Report
-Dave Marsella-Fire Chief presented.  A small description of the water used, and labor used during the house fire near mile mark 23 was given.  Dave reported he is still seeking new employees as there have been some volunteer and part time employees who have terminated.
  • #2 Chipping Status
-Dave Marsella-Fire Chief presented.  Chipping is behind.  The County may need to become involved to help catch up, or a professional company may need to be part of the 2019 plan to stay on top of chipping.  Code of compliancy for Firewise discussions pursued and how community education and chipping will help keep down fire risks.  Dave stated next Spring a plan will be set for community chipping and what can be done to recycle/reuse chipping material by community. Small break from 7:30 to 7:40
  • #3 Well and Tank update
-Ryan Taylor presented.  The tank project is still in process.  The tank levels are being recorded and will be reported on soon.  Both tanks were being drawn from, the recent house fire near mile marker 23 had enough water to extinguish the fire without drawing from outside agencies.  Resident Julie Mack asked if levels of tanks were readable, Ryan confirmed sensors are placed, but the recording system is not in place as is currently being upgraded.  All tanks will be accessible for measuring water and trending water use after the conversion is completed. The well bid was outlined during the October board meeting.  Ryan stated Mr. Lang is planning on moving forward with drilling, the district is still waiting to hear from Sundance Resort on access for drilling.  Julie Mack discussed some of Sundance Resort’s concerns of drilling into ground water, extracting water, and what impact on surface water, wildlife and vegetation this could have.  Julie discussed that practicing water conservation needs to be on the front burner.  Discussions arose of the 7-year drought, last year being significantly dry.  Julie feels a conversation moving forward is necessary to set guidelines concerning the new well and clarity on how the water will be used and extracted and any environmental impact it may have.  Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair discussed the current water situation and history of water use for the District.  Discussions of laws and structures that could be implemented in the case of a drought were had.  Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair mentioned the need of community input and involvement on water conservation.  Dr. Minton-Chair, discussed the issues the District has faced in the past such as implementing vegetation and water restriction and many other water issues.  Dr. Minton-Chair encourage community input and involvement.  Duaine Dorton discussed his communications with Sundance Resort and how to move forward with the drilling.  Duaine stated Sundance Resort will give to the Sundance board of directors a written recommendation to approve the access for drilling purposes soon. Discussion of enrolling people to be a Waterwise community pursued.  Chris Storbeck discussed communication and directing residents to the website for information.  Chris recommended emails to be sent to the community about conservation and community issues and asking for the communities help before ordinances are set.  Discussions ensued including ideas of communication such as face to face discussions and organizing groups.  A community meeting was recommended to talk about potential water issues. Community outreach plans were recommended by Julie Mack, she offered to put some service in to implementing that.  Dr. Minton asked who on the Board would be willing to participate with Julie Mack.   Dr. Minton, Stewart Olsen and Chris Storbeck volunteered to work together on a plan to implement a committee/conservation program. Ryan Taylor conveyed although he knew it would help, he didn’t feel only water use/conservation and the current well was enough.  He expressed some foresight into future water sources needed to be examined.  Ryan feels a strategy needs to be set on water use and conservation, but the well is needed for back up. Stewart Olsen-Chair, asked about the status of the vault.  Ryan said he is still working with Gerber on costs for the generator and pump. Ryan submitted the bond scenarios and rates.  If bond is obtained a 7% rate increase would be needed.
  • #4 Status Update/District Clerk
-Emily Johnson presented.  To the best of her knowledge, all missing government reports from 2017 and 2018 have been completed and submitted including the 2017 financial statements, 2017 TC941E reconciliation, unemployment wage audit, quarter 1-3 transparency reporting and quarter 3 reporting for the 2018 calendar year.  A summary written by consultant Michelle Bragonier was submitted.  Michelle was brought in for 3 days to help Emily to catch up on lapsed accounting issues for the District including reconciliation of bank accounts and closing of months January through September 2018 in Caselle.  Emily is still learning the ropes as she has only been in her position for just over a month.
  • #5 Water/Waste Water Report
– Stephen Miche and Aubree Durrant-Public Works, presented.  Aubree reported no labs or water reports are available to present as today is the first day of the month.  Small water leaks have been found throughout the system and have been fixed.  A specialist was consulted and suggested there may be a crossover leak, that is being investigated.  Due to the house fire last month at Mile 23, there is some un-estimated water use.  Badger (meter reading software company) stated there are two options of either cellular or network readings.  Because cellular service is spotty in the North Fork area, a network reading is being considered as the meters are aging and needing replacement.  Accuracy test will be ran on existing meters to see if replacement is needed sooner than later, a list of priority meters will be generated.
  • #6 Discussion of new water ordinance
-Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair presented.  Information titled Water Ordinance Facts and Water Use Facts were submitted. The information provided described terminology facts and descriptions of water rights and use for Utah.  Stewart graphed out what a drought would mean to water users in North Fork/Sundance.  Lee Kapaloski-Legal Counsel, will find out water rights ages included in the districts “water pool” and water users rights as dates contribute to the value/priority of the water rights.  Stewart described how a more flexible ordinance is necessary to slow flow if necessary for property owners.  Seniority of water rights are critical should restrictions be placed on water in the District, Stewart emphasized that a plan/ordinance needs to be set to define how water will be distributed in case of a drought or water shortage.  Discussions on how to distribute water ensued.  It was stressed that people do not own water, they own water rights, therefore the State of Utah can dictate where water is used/needed in matters of water shortage or restrictions.  It was agreed a small water conservation meeting would be necessary to discuss what information and format to bring forward to the community.  Sundance offered a room to have the meeting.  It was agreed monitoring needs to be in place to get good information to the community.  Julie suggested a meeting be held within the next week to set a committee in to motion. Action Items:
  • #1 Approval of Board Meeting Minutes
-The minutes of October 2018 were submitted and approved by all attending Board Members.
  • #2 LeRoi Nelson Agreement
-LeRoi and David Nelson presented.  The proposed written agreement was submitted to the Board.  Discussions from last month’s verbal and written agreements ensued. The LeRoi Nelson Agreement was passed out to the board (prior emailed to Board and attorney Lee K.).  The following amendments were requested: #1 no change #2 WILL purchase (either and or will be taken out) #3 UPON RECEIPT (will be revised) #4 Revise to state Nelson will pay for $300-meter installation of meter for 1” line to be placed by District #5 No change #6 No change #7 No change #8 No change #9 No change #10 No change #11 revise to exempt from pipe fill restrictions but included in Deer Creek or water right restrictions Mr. Nelson will meet with Dr. Minton to sign agreement before a Notary so LeRoi can move forward with buying water.  Deer Creek water will be accepted by Board. Motion set by Gary Liddiard-Secretary to approve revised agreement, all voted aye, no apposed.  Motion passed.
  • #3 Purchase of Backhoe for Public Works Department
-Tanner Ricks presented, a cost survey and Capital Project Form was submitted.  Tanner spoke on pros and cons of having a backhoe on site.  Tanner would be available to operate as to keep Stephen and Aubree available for office and another field work.  The water capital improvements fund would cover the cost of the proposed backhoe purchase. A 4-year lease with 5-year buyout was proposed and a buyback option was proposed.  Outright purchase option was estimated to cost $93,000.   Buying vs. leasing options were evaluated.  Motion proposed by Duaine Dorton to lease a backhoe, seconded by Tomas Merrill, all voted aye.  Motion passed.
  • #4 Water Exception
-Lynn Jenkins presented.  A Plan Review Checklist, proposed pipe design and Utah County Parcel Map of property was submitted.  Lynn is wanting to build a garage.   A water line main exists under/on the location he is proposing to the County to build.  Lynn spoke with the division of drinking water, they advised him that he needs approval by this board on submitted items to move forward in obtaining a permit to build.  #3 and #5 of items listed on the Plan Review were read by the Board.  Discussion of sleeved piping to be placed commenced.  The Board explained all liability and accessibility would need to be at risk/cost to the property owners which Lynn Jenkins and Pamela McCue agreed to.  Lynn explained this is the first stage of the permit approval process.  Lynn proposed a second garage near Timp Haven running off the existing water line and adding a hydrant in the future.  The Board felt that a hydrant and additional garage was not something they would consider at this time, but a matter to be discussed in the future.  Stewart Olsen set a motion for accepting a sleeved line with the understanding the home owner will be accepting responsibility to move/ replace line in the future if needed for repair and to have open accessibility to the pipe.  Motion seconded by Duaine Dorton, all voted aye.  Motion passed. Lynn noted that he felt more community involvement was needed before cost/rates raise or spending was made.  He felt the community would be more likely to be accepting of water use education and water conservation before rates increased.  Lynn would agree to being involved in the water conservation meeting.
  • #5 Mandan HOA
-John Cole and HOA members were not present.  The proposed Mandan Cottage Owners Association-North Fork Special Service District terms sheet was submitted.  After being reviewed by the Board, the following modifications to items were asked to be made; Item #2 labeled Shutoff: Revise to include “and for any other pertinent or subsequent ordinances” Item #4 labeled Leak Repairs:  Revise to read “leak repairs on side of the home owners meter will be the HOA’s responsibility”. Item #7 labeled Unit Modification: Revise to remove this paragraph.  Unit Modification will be based on allocation at time of addition to district, as they were built in.  Residents will have to go through proper channels to obtain structure permits with the County. It shall be noted that this is a draft, not a Non-Binding Term at this point.  A revisal draft will be typed up by the District Clerk with revisions and will be submitted to legal counsel Lee Kapaloski for approval.  This matter is to be tabled until approval from Board and legal representation is given, or until the next board meeting in December.
  • #6 Waste Water Pre-Treatment
-Stephen Miche and Duaine Dorton presented.  Stephen gave a summary of the water pretreatment and DAF issue.  Stephan spoke with Sundance Resort about the temporary solution of the DAF, ruled on during the October Board Meeting, Dr. Minton reviewed the discussion from October 2018 Board Meeting.  Duaine discussed Sundance’s stance on paying for the temporary or back up DAF, where the resort revisited the size of the DAF they were installing.  Sundance Resort has now decided to put installation of the new DAF at Sundance on hold.  They are consulting with a specialist to evaluate if the larger DAF system would be in the best interest for the resort considering the cost and carbon footprint.  It was recalled that due to time restrictions, the Board approved a motion to buy the DAF during the October 2018 board meeting as a temporary measure to sustain the sewer system during the 2018-2019 winter.  The Board asked if a temperature test could be done on the DAF at 170 degrees. Duaine stated Sundance will be seeking advisement on a long-term waste-water plan for Sundance.  It was agreed by Duaine on behalf of Sundance that we need to try and purchase the DAF at the used/reduced price before it’s sold to another entity.  A study/test to make sure temperature readings will be beneficial will be requested before a decision can be made on moving forward with the purchase.  It will be presented to seller that a new sample be presented at the higher temperature.  Ryan with TO Engineering with make that request and make the Board aware of their response as soon as possible.  Mater tabled until additional testing on machinery is conducted.
  • #7 Aspen Grove Pump House Approval
Matter tabled until further notice.
  • #8 Cash Receipting Software
Matter tabled until further notice.
  • Motion to adjourn by Dr. Minton-Chair at 11:51 p.m. 11/1/2018. Motion seconded, all voted aye.  Meeting adjourned.
  • Minutes recorded and noted by Emily Johnson-District Clerk. Minutes approved by Board on 12/6/2018 Monthly Meeting of the Board of Members.

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