Monthly Board Meeting

May 2, 2019 at 7:00 pm

North Fork Fire Station

Board members present:

Dr. Minton-Chair, Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair, Gary Liddiard-Secretary/Treasurer, Bert Thomas, Keith Payne, Duaine Dorton, Bryan Ackerman

 Staff members present:

Stephen Miche, Emily Johnson-District Clerk, David Marsella-Fire Chief, Jonathan Cross-FD, Aubree Durrant-Public Works, Ryan Taylor-TO Engineering, Lee Kapaloski-Legal 

 Public Present:

Chris Storbeck Nichole Berge, Kurt Berge, Peter and Janelle Lysenko, Gina Bingham, Jane Stewart 

  • Joe Martin-Controller left at 7:35 p.m., didn’t return
  • Gary Liddiard-Treasurer left at 9:45 p.m., didn’t return


Closed executive session to discuss legal issues was brought to order by Dr. Stephen Minton-chair at 6:00 p.m., present Board Member’s, full time staff, and legal counsel Lee Kapaloski were in attendance.

Motion to conclude closed executive session and to open the public by Stewart Olsen- Vice chair at 7:02 p.m., seconded by Bert Thomas, all aye.  Motion passed.

Monthly Meeting of the Board was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Chair, Dr. Stephen Minton and the community was invited into attendance.

There are several legal questions the NFSSD is facing at this time.  Lee Kapaloski- Legal Council is present to answer questions staff and the community may have, as there have been my inquiries regarding the current water moratorium which was set in place April 2019.  Modification to the water moratorium will be addressed and published for the community

Public Comments

– None

Informational Items:

#1 Financial Report

– Joe Martin-Controller presented.  Quarterly taxes have been submitted and excepted by the State and Federal Government.  Joe will email that information out to the board members.  The audit preperations are taking place, we will have a clearer view in the next few weeks, Caselle still as many internal issues from 2018 that the District Clerk is working with Caselle to resolve.

#2 Water Committee Q&A

– Chris Strobeck-Community Water Committee presented.  Chris discussed information he had gathered and submitted to the board for review last week.  Chris believes we are over usage in respect to water trends.   Paulo and Julie Mack have been asked to set up a program in their commercial areas (Sundance and Aspen Grove) internally for water conservation.

Dr. Minton explained the purpose of the water committee and Chris Storbeck’s roll in this committee.  The North Fork Special Service District was formed in 1982 by Mr. Redford.  The District has been in a 50-year drought, and in efforts to conserve and control water sources, this community committee has been formed to bring awareness and find solutions to water issues the District is facing in its entirety.

Dr. Minton explained to the public present the difference between physical water over paper water, and the aggressive measures the District is taking due to our water supply depleting.  Stewart Olsen discussed the fluctuation of water.  Lee Kapaloski discussed the water exchange with Deer Creek, and who decides how much water is to be distributed.   Lee explained that a water right doesn’t guarantee we will have access of physical water from our existing sources and that the District has more “paper water” and obligations than capacity to serve the District at this time.  Dr. Minton and Chris aim to have the water community committee meet again soon, and to advise the Board of their progress and how we can move forward with solutions.

#3 Fire/EMS Reports

– David Marsella-Fire Chief presented.  Fire mitigation has had some new hires.  David reported that the Three Sisters area had an avalanche that caused 6 to 8 acres of down trees which is fire fuel that needs to be addressed.  He explained that next year when the trees and brush are dead and dry it could cause a serious fire hazard.  He is working with the County to address this issue in a timely manner.

David explained that inventory sticker tags for items over $250 for an internal control are needed.

Public meetings are becoming harder to do in the fire house as we are maintaining consistent staffing, we have six interns and fire classes are being held at the station.  David asked for the communities understanding that the fire house will be needed during the summer to facilitate medical and fire personnel lodging, working and training needs.

Utah County is asking if we need sand bags, there is a plan in place and they can deliver 200-300 bags if needed.

A thanks was given to the Sundance Resort for hosting the Fireman’s Pancake Breakfast, it was a success and we anticipate $18,000 in donations.

Dr. Minton asked if we need our water tanks filled 100%, David stated there is no standard for wildland fire.  For structure and fire flow, he suggested 700,000 in tanks.   At that point limiting irrigation and watering of lawns, etc. would become necessary to maintain water levels.   

#4 District Clerk Information

– Emily Johnson-District Clerk presented.  Emily spoke about the quarterly reporting, it has been submitted and accepted by the State and Federal government.  Caselle is still working with her to clean up the data that was mis-entered into Caselle in 2018.  Preparations of the 2018 audit will be taking place in mid-June.  The goal is to be fully prepared, so the audit goes smooth with Squire, which will be cost effective as their time is costly.

#5 Water/Wastewater Report

– Aubree Durrant presented.  2 graphs, Snotel and Water Graph were presented.  The red line represented the current date in SNOTEL, which is source water.  Aubrie reported the wet well is showing an increase, a level sensor has been installed in the wet wells that are data loggers, so monitoring is now taking place of water levels.  The Stewart Tank is being utilized which helps to move water to the big tank.    Stephen Miche clarified the tank and well will operate independent of each other as there has been some concern from the community about this issue.  The data loggers will be able to give us an algorithm of data to better measure and understand water use and levels.  Aubree reported the Stewart Tank level was dropping quickly due to a leak at a property owner, which is now fixed.  The month of March many meters were unable to be read due to snow and ice.  Dr. Minton asked if the telemetry would help with reading meters?  Stephen Miche explained some of the difficulties he has found in aging meters and the current antenna being used.  He is hoping to get a more flexible and accurate reading antenna, he is looking into other cost-effective solutions.  Dr. Minton expressed the importance of current and accurate readings.  Aubree reported the lowest and highest spring flow from 1995-2004.  Lowest was at 30 gallons a minute flow compared to a 1-gallon flow currently.

Stephen Miche reported meeting with engineers regarding the Waste Water Plant and solutions they have been discussing to address the issues it has been experiencing.  An email was sent to the Board regarding these meetings, Stephen thanked Duaine for drafting out a summary.  Dr. Minton discussed some concerns about conflicting information prior engineers have given the District vs. what they are telling us now including using both tanks vs. only using one and acid washes are not as critical on the system as we were told previously.  The specification for the State is Redundancy, but the current messages from engineers are conflicting.  175 of BOD caused a near fail of the WW plant last weekend.  Both basins had to be ran, biology dropped, and the plant was shutting down to prevent filter failure.  Hydraulically, we can treat the waste water but biologically we are not able to function.  Labs indicate the Redford Center is highest contributed of BOD.  Sundance is trying to address line cleaning and other solutions to avoid pushing solids to the lift station.  Dr. Minton expressed that ordinances need to be acted upon.  Ryan Taylor-TO Engineering explained operational vs design.  Averages and peak flows numbers Water Works are using do not seem to match the capacity numbers the original design was set up for.  Stewart Olsen was asked to take over the Waste Water Subcommittee to look deeper into this issue.

Action Items

#1 Approval of April 2019 Meeting Minutes.  

– Motion to accept April 2019 Board Meeting Minutes with exception to corrections advised by the Board was made by Gary Liddiard-Secretary, Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair seconded, Duaine Dorton-Board abstained, all others aye.  Motion passed.

#2 Moratorium

– Gina Bingham- property owner addressed the Board.  She was hoping to discuss a letter she submitted to the District prior to the board meeting.  Topography, architectural plans, and other building preparations have been done on her property in efforts to obtain a building permit.  She has been working with the County regarding her property, as well as resolving issues with the local home owner’s association regarding an easement.  She stated the process has taken her over a year.  There is a connection commitment for water to the property from the District.  Dr. Minton explained we are looking into making an amendment to modify the moratorium in order to work with people in her situation, The Board is working to have a plan in order before the next board meeting to address concerns such as hers.

Dr. Minton expressed that water conservation can unify the community and help assure we don’t misuse water, measure it better and explained the District is looking at a new water supply with a better spring.  It was explained that the water moratorium is not permanent and will be lifted when some of these water concerns and issues are resolved.  The Board understands the urgency but wants to take care of the community as a whole.

Jane Stewart- property owner addressed the Board.  She explained she is here to see how the Board functions and to be more informed.  She has her architecture plans completed in order to build on her property.  Dr. Minton expressed the Board is discussing an amendment to address these individuals that have started the building permit processes prior to the water moratorium, as no to “punish” individuals who have done their due diligence to follow County regulations to build.

A motion to enter closed executive session was made by Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair at 8:30 p.m.  Keith Payne seconded all aye, motion passed to begin closed executive session.

All community members left Board room, at 8:40, closed session commenced.  Present individuals included Aubree Durant-PW, Stephen Miche-PW, Emily Johnson-DC, Ryan Taylor-Engineer, Duaine Dorton-Board, Bryan Ackerman-Board, Dr. Stephen Minton-Board Chair, Stewart Olsen-Board Vice Chair, Gary Liddiard-Treasurer, Keith Payne-Board, Bert Thomas-Board.

A meeting will be held to determine what criteria’s needs to be met with legal and Board members next week, a conference call will be scheduled to approve next steps to decide if amending the water moratorium is needed.

Information the Board is wanting to investigate:

  • Water contract and or will serve letter’s that have been served or are to be served
  • A list of every piece of land and relation to what obligations the District has to the property
  • Significant preconstruction preparation and County contracts predating the water moratorium
  • Interlocal agreement in place with the County
  • Data that proving we have reached maximum capacity
  • Actively pursuing new water sources and fixing water conservation issues, pursue measures to redeveloped Stewart Springs
  • Working with hydrologist and geologist to find sources and recommendations
  • Pilot well planning

9:34 p.m. Keith Payne moved to end the closed executive session and to commence with public meeting.  Stewart Olsen seconded the motion, all aye.

Discussion of possibly modifying the moratorium ensued.   The Board is willing to consider property owners who have a current water connection contract with the District and building permit in action with the County, which will require an additional vote to include details of amendment, a conference call will be held to discuss possible options and scenarios with the Board, legal counsel, engineer and staff.

The District Clerk will call Utah County to see if any current building permits are in place.

Discussion of the WW plant and the upcoming meetings with Sundance and the engineers were discussed.  Pre-treatment ordinances were then explained by Lee Kapaloski-legal counsel, enforcement and obligations that the administration needs to follow up on were also examined.   Monthly report needs to be done to follow the progress of the WW plant plans and meetings.  Flow sensors and BOD, TSS and FOG measurements were to be sampled and reported upon.

  • Minton motioned to close the May 2019 Board Meeting, Stewart Olsen seconded, meeting concluded at 10:30 p.m.
  • Minutes recorded and noted by Emily Johnson-District Clerk. Draft sent to Board Members 6/6/2019

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