North Fork Special Service District

Monthly Board Meeting

March 12, 2019 at 7:00 pm

North Fork Fire Station

NOTE:  Due to severe weather, the monthly meeting was moved from Thursday March 7, 2019 to Tuesday March 12, 2019.  Notifications were posted on the Utah Public website, NFSSD.org, and a paper notice was hung at the NFSSD fire department.  All known board and committee members were notified via phone or email of the date change.

Board members present:

Dr. Minton-Chair, Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair, Gary Liddiard-Secretary, Bert Thomas, Duaine Dorton, Keith Payne

Staff members present:

Emily Johnson-District Clerk, David Marsella-Fire Chief, Stephen Miche-Public Works, Aubree Durrant-Public Works, Ryan Taylor-TO Engineering. 

Public Present:

Chris Storbeck

  • Board member Gary Liddiard left at 9:42 p.m., didn’t return
  • Lee Kapaloski-Legal representative was added to the meeting via telephone at 7:42 p.m.
  • Chief David Marsella arrived 9:45 p.m.


Meeting called to order at 7:02 p.m. by Chair, Dr. Stephen Minton

  • Public Comments

– Dr. Minton-resident and Board member spoke about the Conservation Committee and a discussion he had with Julie regarding separation vs. combining of community committees.  Dr. Minton expressed this matter is still being worked out.  Dr. Minton stated he had spoke with Joe Martin, NFSSD Controller and would like to hold a closed executive session next month to discuss personnel issues, Joe’s progress and what he has seen with the finances since his part time status with the District began.  No other public comments.

Informational Items:

#1 Financial Reports

– Joe Martin-CPA/Controller, was not present due to urgent meeting date change caused by severe weather conditions, he had prior commitments.

#2 Water Committee Report

– Chris Storbeck-Water Committee presented.  Chris emailed an information packet titled March 2019 Board Report on February 28, 2019, to be reviewed by the board prior to the monthly meeting which outlined the meeting with Dave Boshard, Lee Kapaloski, Bill Loughlin and Bill Bigelow.  The Board expressed their gratitude to Chris and all the work he has put into heading the Community Water Committee.

#3 Fire/EMS Report

– Dave Marsella-Fire Chief, was not present at time due to urgent date change in the meeting which conflicted with a prior engagement.

#4 Financial Report/District Clerk Information

– Emily Johnson-District Clerk, presented.  February 2019 Budget Worksheet was handed out to the Board.  Emily expressed she is working with the Controller to streamline reports and make them more understandable.  Caselle has started fixing the set-up errors, Emily is working with Caselle to correct internal accounting issues with the new database.  Emily has updated all of the property values from the Utah County Property assessment or the 2018-2019 assessment year, Emily advised that the property values were substantially higher than what was inputted into Caselle from prior years.  Emily reported some money that was set aside for a court case from 2006 as a bond is now available to be refunded since the case never moved forward, Emily is working with Casey Wright’s legal office to be reimbursed from the Fourth District Court.

#5 Water/Wastewater Report

– Aubree Durrant presented.  A SNOTEL hand out was submitted to the Board, which represented the trend in snow water equivalents over the past years.  Discussions of water table ensued, Aubree reported a leak was found in tank 2, after investigating the issue due to abnormal over use of water, it was found a pipe was left open and burst.  The origin of who opened the pipe and left it open is unknown.  A replacement regulation meter upgrade would help catching these types of issues.  Aubree reported it was found within a day by watching the usage.  Stephen reported he met with the contractor and is waiting on the bid to check levels in wet wells and at water tank 3.  On March 5th Waste Water needed to do a chemical clean to prevent the breakdown of sewer plant.  Discussion of the membranes, their replacement and the life expectancy ensued.  Dr. Minton asked if there is a test available to tell estimate the life expectancy of the existing of tanks.  Stephen explained there is a method to check the weakness in membrane.  Failure is a concern, the backup tank is now being utilized as a main system, there is no back up system at this time.  Dr.  Minton asked if failure of the sewer plant were to occur, what are our options?  Stephen stated replacement would take 1-2 weeks, the parts/equipment is shipped from Texas, there would need to be an uninstall of the roof to place the new equipment inside of the building.   Life of membranes is estimated to be 10 years which they are coming close to in age.  The cleanings are much more frequent then they should be, labs are being done to monitor the effectiveness of the treatments and cleanings.  Discussion of new membranes, their quality and life expectancy ensued. Stephen estimated the membrane cost is in the $200,000 rage, Stephen will look into cost and availability, and set up a back up plan.  Stephen reported that Kobotan sp? came out last in 2017 to test membranes.  Stew asked what their reporting consisted of, Stephen will find those notes from the 2017 visit and pass them back to the Board.  It was brought up that a “thickness check” has never been done, Stephen will do more research and report back with newest technology in equipment replacement and ideas for a backup plan. Stephen feels the biological component is the main issue the tanks face.  Capital funds were discussed, a capital fund needs to be set aside for replacement of the current waste water system.

Aubree submitted a BOD waste water report chart of testing.  Aubree explained the blue represents what we should be running at.  Sundance allowance has been over its allotted use for a long time.  It was reported that in March, findings from Water Works investigation on the whole waste water system including Sundance’s and North Fork’s equipment and practices, are expected.  This should verify if they feel a DAF would be the answer, Duaine Dorton stated recommendation will be made this month on the complete system.  Sundance reports they want Water Works to be present at the NFSSD board meeting on April 4th.

#6 Possible Moratorium on Accepting Water Connection Contracts Outside of Current Commitments 

– Stephen Miche presented.  Stephen stated that he, Lee Kapaloski-Attorney and Stewart Olsen-Board Vice Chair spoke about the concerns of a property owner who wants to bring an outside water share to become a part of the District’s water system.  Stephen stated he is concerned because the District is already facing drilling a new well, replacing an outdated water system and concerns of having to ration water in the future.  The concern is, if there are future requests to bring outside water shares this will increase the demand on an already overloaded system.  Stephen asked the Board if we should be accepting more water rights to the District?  The issue of “paper” water vs. physical water was discussed and the water commitments the District already has to Sundance and if those commitments were secured via property.  The District’s growth, lots in Sundance becoming developable and how much water capacity Sundance bought were discussed.   The Board asked that the master plan be reviewed to see what existing obligations are to entities such as Sundance, Aspen Grove, current property owners, etc.  The Board feels these figures need to be determined before a decision can be made regarding accepting any outside contracts for connecting new water lines.

Chris Storbeck-Resident and Community Water Committee Chair discussed State standards and feels until we can find where unaccounted water is going (due to old water system and failing meters), the District can’t determine how much water can be allotted.

Presently there is water associated to properties that are not currently hooked up to the water system, but the District is contracted to give them access to water.  There is unaccounted water due to an aging and deteriorating system inherited by the District.  A review of water allocations needs to be done with legal.  As this is an informational item, no motion is on the table.

#7 Well drilling status.

– Ryan Taylor-T O Engineering presented.  NFSSD no longer has permission from Sundance to drill.  The Community Water Committees recommendation is to cancel drilling until a better spot is decided upon.  Duaine stated Sundance is not opposed to the well or drilling but would like more data and studies completed before moving forward.  Sundance has hired a hydrologist and they will share the information they compile with the District.  Sundance has questions such as will a well affect springs, could drilling fractur the aquaphiers?  Ryan stated the recommendation from committee is to wait until more information is acquired.  There is no contingency fee if we cancel the current drilling contract at this point, the down fall is the bid amount will no longer be valid.  Discussions of the prior well were had, Gary Liddiard-Board Secretary expressed concern that studies, and data may not come in a timely manner.  It was unanimous that present residents, committee members, and board all want to obtain as much water data as possible, as a water shortage is still a looming concern.  Redevelopment of Stewart Spring was successful in the past per Bert Thomas-Board, and maybe something to consider.  Discussion of possible drilling site, water usage/trend studies, high pressure areas and water access ensued.  Everyone agreed that holding off drilling until more information is gathered is reasonable.

Action Items

#1 Approval of February 2019 Meeting Minutes.

– Motion to accept February 2019 Board Meeting Minutes was made by Gary Liddiard-Secretary, Duaine Dorton-Board seconded, all aye.  Motion passed.

#2 Proposal to streamline board meeting/agenda

– Duaine Dorton-Board presented.  A hand out titled Board Meeting Action Item Request Form was circulated to the Board.  Duaine has been coming up with ideas to streamline meetings.    Access to sleeping quarters for the 24-hour fire and EMS personnel, the board and staff being cognitive after long work days and late hours were some issues he addressed.  Duaine suggested that all action items for the agenda be submitted via a form filled out and handed in 3 to 4 days before any hearing, to be review by the Board.  Duaine feels preparation would benefit the Board in making some of the important decisions they are faced with.  With exception to emergencies, Duaine stated training to plan can divert emergent issues and long discussions, it would also allow the Board to get “up to speed” with data and information as they are not present at the District on a daily basis.  It was agreed that a 2-hour meeting would be the goal of the Board.  The Action Item Form would inquire what is the action being brought to the floor? What is the history/reasoning of the matter being voted upon and the desired outcome of the agenda item?  It would also ask that all supporting documents be submitted with the form.   Duaine asked the Board if the informational portion of the board meetings were providing the Board with information that they want?  Dr. Minton asked the Board to submit a recommendation as to what information they would like to be presented at each hearing.   The District Clerk will create a formal action item form and present it to the Board.  Motion to implement the new Board Meeting Action Item Form policy was made by Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair, Keith Payne seconded.  All aye, motion passed.

  • Dr. Minton-Chair noted that the we need to let guest speakers aware of this policy.

#3 Possible approval Aspen Grove Pump Station Construction  

– Ryan Taylor- T O Engineering presented.  Ryan submitted a capital improvement projects list which consisted of the District’s needed repairs, projects and their costs as requested by the Board in the February 2019 board meeting.  Ryan stated these are numbers from previous board meetings and may vary due to time.  Dr. Minton suggested that there may be more money available from the bond since the well is now on hold, he asked Ryan if the bond money could be used to fund other projects.  Ryan expressed that the list is an attempt to summarize the District’s desired projects and their priority level.  It was discussed that the pump station is now a priority due to new water regulations.  Aspen grove is broke-up (in green lettering on the submitted list) Ryan’s question to the Board is if a fire pump upgrade is an option they would like to take or use the money in other areas?  Pump station requirements, telemetry and metering are a priority, ancillary work is going to most likely be taken care of while replacing meters.  Ryan feels there is money that could be put towards bond. Bond vs. rates being raised were discussed, with water standards this issue is becoming more of a mandate than a goal or want and fire protection is not the only concern for a new pump.  Pumps bought from prior years will be housed in the pump station, but they do not have the power to fill the water storage for fire flow.  The new pump will allow the higher elevation properties to receive enough water to put out a possible fire with a reserve of water as to not run out of water in case of an emergent situation.  Motion made by Gary Liddiard to approve construction of the Aspen Grove Pump Station and Aspen Grove Fire Pump and Generator, seconded by Stewart Olsen all voted aye, no apposed.  Motion passed

#4 Ryan Taylor’s general contract approval

– Stephen Miche-Public Works presented.  The general contract for Ryan Taylor-Engineer, was submitted to board including professional services within TO engineering.  At the direction of the board, Stephen was asked to review and make a recommendation.  Stephen reviewed the proposed contract for Ryan Taylor and T-O Engineering and noted $30,000 was set aside for services rendered, Stephen recommended professional services such as Legal and Engineering are utilized properly and efficient use of Ryan’s time and professional services so there are no cross communications and to keep cost minimal.  It was Stephen Miche’s recommended to retain the contract for 1 year with Ryan Taylor.  Stewart Olsen motioned to accept the contract for Ryan Taylor and T-O Engineering for 1 year, Duaine Dorton seconded, all aye, motion passed.

#5 Item tabled

#6 Item tabled

#7 Item tabled

#8 Sundance Hydro-Geologist NDA

– Stephen Miche-Public Works presented.  Sundance has hired a hydro-geologist to do their own study of their water system as a whole.  Sundance Resort is requesting access to the water committee files and data pertaining to water.  Aggregate data is public information and ok to share.  Any personal information will be not be sent.  It was determined for this reason, no non-discloser agreement (NDA) is needed.  Agenda item dismissed.

#9 Water Share Approval (Rob Smith)

– Stephen Miche-Public Works presented.  Rob Smith, a realtor representing a buyer in the high-pressure zone is seeking to bring a water share to the District in order for the property to be built upon.  Discussion of buildable vs non-buildable properties ensued.  A document was presented to Lee Kapaloski-Legal Counsel regarding water rights, at this time there is no responsibility for the District to supply water to the property in question.  Moratorium discussion is to be had at the next board meeting due to question of transferability.  This matter is tabled until reviewing of information is completed by the District’s legal councilor.

#10 Water Projects 2019 Approval

– Stephen Miche-Public Works presented.  Discussion of the urgency of knowing data, distribution of telemetry and ancillary phasing over 5 years ensued.  Discussions were had.  Stephen feels a rate study would be premature if projects are not done to fix bad meters and find and repair unaccounted water issues.  The previous Stewart Spring redevelopment and its outcome discussions pursued, as well as discussion of possible contamination issues and how those would be handled.  Ryan asked to hold off in finances of Stewart Spring redevelopment, he will come up with risk estimates, cost estimate and back up plans.  The information Sundance’s hydrogeologist reports will also be beneficial information before making a decision on redevelopment of Stewart Springs and drilling of the new well.  Backup with Brickerhaven was brought up, Pine Flats and other back up plans were discussed for emergency plans.  Stephen Miche stated $50,000 would be a good “kick start” to make some needed repairs and perhaps prevent the need of a rate increase.  Keith Payne set motion to approve water meter telemetry, breaking down repairs over a 5-year period, and the appropriate amount of money for the water meter ancillary work costing approximately $100,000.  Duaine Dorton seconded, all voted aye.  Motion passed.

#11 Cell Phone Public Works

– Stephen Miche-Public Works presented.  Stephen is going on vacation out of the Country, he will be available via phone for emergent issues, but it will cost the District $10 a day $100 in total.   Bert Thomas motioned for the District to pay $100 pone bill in order to reach Stephen in case of public works emergent issues should occur.  Duaine Dorton seconded, all aye.  Motion passed.

Dave Marsella-Fire Chief entered the meeting late due to a prior engagement, therefore matters that were tabled earlier in the evening were revisited.

#5 Purchase of Turnouts (fire fighters pants/coats/gear)

– David Marsella-Fire Chief presented.  David reported that due to the fire department hiring extra people to serve the North Fork community, and the life expectancy being 10 years for turnouts and the current ones are well over expired (some are over 21 years old) and they were “hand me downs” donated from other fire departments.  The fire department would like to purchase 13 set of turnouts to supply the fire fighters with safe and current gear.  The Chief reported the fire department has applied for a grant through FireHouse Subs, he can’t guarantee the grant will be acquired, but feels there is a good chance we can acquire funds to reimburse for the equipment.  The fire department staff is inquiring if through the FEMA grant, they can write an amendment to use extra money to included turn outs.  turnouts.  There may need to have moved around in budget $30,000 hoping to have $25,000 refunded through grant money.   Buy 2 to 3 sets each year.  Motion by Bert Thomas to purchase 13 turnouts for the fire department, Duaine seconded, all aye.  Motion passed.

#6 Purchase of PW Pickup

– David Marsella-Fire Chief presented.  David suggested that the District return the old chipper truck to the federal government as it’s a very old vehicle and in need of work, he feels a more reliable and safer vehicle for employees is necessary.  The FEPP truck is owned by government.  David suggested the fire department buy the truck currently being used by the Public Works department as the lease is expiring.  Motion to be table until next month when more information on this purchase can be obtained about funding.

#7 Wildland Equipment Purchases

– David Marsella-Fire Chief asked for this agenda item to be tabled as he is seeking to obtain grant money for this equipment.

#12 Closed Executive Session with Board-Personnel Matters

At 10:16 p.m. all public and employees left for closed session to ensue by NFSSD Board Members present

   – Dr. Minton-Chair Motioned to go into closed executive session with board members in attendance, Duaine Dorton seconded, all voted aye, motion passed.  Executive session began at 10:20 p.m.  Keith Payne motioned to end closed executive session at 11:35 p.m. Duaine Dorton seconded, all voted aye.  Motion passed.