North Fork Special Service District

Monthly Board Meeting

July 8, 2021 @ 7:00 p.m.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and concerns, this meeting will be hosted via Zoom Application without an anchor location.  Any members of the public that would like to join the public portion of the meeting will need to email a request for invite to the District Clerk at or call 801.225.7263 or 801.404.4734 prior to the meeting/hearing.

Visit for additional information including meeting minutes and a link to access The Little Manual for Local and Special Service Districts.

Monthly Meeting of the Board of Officers

Board members present:

Dr. Stephen Minton- Chairman, Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair, Duaine Dorton, Gary Liddiard, Chad Linebaugh, Keith Payne arrived at 7:12 p.m.

 Staff members present:

Stephen Miche-Public Works Director, Aubree Lincoln-Public Works, Emily Johnson-District Clerk, David Marsella, Nathan Bracken-Legal left at 7:23 p.m.

At 7:13 p.m. Mindi Neilsen entered the meeting and left at approximately 7:45 p.m.

At 7:27 p.m. Ryan Taylor-Engineer entered the meeting

 Public present:

Matt Geddes 7:00 p.m. to 7:12 p.m.

Czar Johnson

Nate Walter 7:08 p.m. to 8:56 p.m.

Kline Nelson 7:37 p.m.

Steve Spiker 7:50 p.m.

Lysenko’s 8:37 p.m.

At 7:00 p.m. the meeting was brought to order by Dr. Stephen Minton-Chairman.

Public Comments


Informational Items

#1 2020 Financial Audit Report

– Matt Geddes-Squire Presented.  The reports have been completed and submitted to the Utah State Auditor’s office.   Matt reviewed the audited statements and State laws and guidelines with the Board, employees and public present.  Matt explained that the State Auditor created a new form/survey/assessment that they want the District to complete each year.  The District didn’t complete this in 2020 but will in 2021.  Fraud risk assessment needs to be completed and presented to the Board in 2021.

#2 Drafted District Rules

– Nathan Bracken of Smith Hartvigsen PLLC presented.  During the June 2021 meeting the Board asked that he gather some rules of order and procedures to govern meetings and operations  including a subcommittee for any conflict of interested or enforcement issues.  A drafted TEMPLET was circulated to staff and the Board prior to the meeting.  The templets were reviewed and explained by Nathan, he asked that the District review and provide him and his staff with any revisions that are needed so a final version can be approved at the August 2021 meeting.  The Board and staff are to have revisions handed into the District Clerk by July 29, 2021 so she can compile them and hand them into Nathan.  A revised draft will be recirculated (hopefully by August 5th) before the August meeting to be adopted.

#3 Fire/EMS Reports

Chief Marsella reported that he has been out on wildfires the past weeks.  He will have June’s transport numbers next month.  Gross billing for wildland YTD is over $100,000.  Radios have been installed in the engines; they are working very well.  Chad Linebaugh asked what coverage is available to the District if the wildland crew is deployed.  Chief Marsella explained that engine 211 will remain at the North Fork station and is dedicated to the North Fork community.  In the event of a wildfire there are back fill engines from Wasatch and Utah County and the Forest Service.  We are “pre-built” for coverage.  During the 4th of July weekend the wildland engines were based at the North Fork station and not sent out during the holiday.

The old engine (213) is still having problems and has needed repairs.  The hope is to get the old engine out one more time this season.

The community is advised to call the county Sheriff if road blocks due to parking occur.  Discussions of “responsible fires” took place.  HOA’s can enforce fire pits.  Fire awareness events for the community in the Fall was discussed.

#4 District Clerk Information

– Emily Johnson-District Clerk presented. Check registers were emailed to the Board prior to this meeting.  May reports will be emailed to the Board tonight.  

#5 Financial Information

– Joseph Martin-Controller was not present at this meeting.

#6 Water/Wastewater Report

– Aubree Lincoln-Public Works presented.  Graphs and reports were distributed to the Board prior to the meeting.  Aubree reported water usage has increased in June.  Unaccounted water is higher, 3 leaks have been fixed which accounted for at least 5% of the unaccounted water, all repairs were done in house.  Commercial and residential water usage was up in June.  Year to date 49.73-acre feet have been used leaving 74.51-acre feet remaining.  July and August historically have been the highest usage months.  Upper pressure zone is being investigated for large meters causing the unaccounted water (Aspen Grove).  A 4-6” meter that is buried needs to be dug up and inspected as a possible source of unaccounted water.

  • Water consumption has increased overall for this same time last yar by 2,152,048 gallons, or 6.6-acre feet
  • Deer Creek capacity is 68% down from last month
  • Jordanelle capacity is 69.5% down from last month
  • Aspen Grove wet-well levels peaked around 8.2 feet in middle of June but have dropped to an average of 7.1 feet. Still keeping up with demands, just not recharging as quickly as it used to.  There is no excess water leaving our wet-wells.
  • Stewart Spring was averaging 38 gpm going into the tank is now averaging 34 gpm so a slight decrease as well.
  • Fixed 3 leaks last month, one on Stewart side, two on the lower pressure zone, Old Bridge and Green Grove.
  • Unaccounted water in the upper pressure zone, still trying to track tis down, this is where most of our unaccounted water is.

Wastewater lab results indicated that there were two violations for June, one for BOD and one for TSS out of the results we have received, waiting on labs from June 30th.

Chad Linebaugh reported that he, Dr. Minton and Stephen Miche presented to the County regarding the future District well.  The County is anticipating supporting the 1.5 million grant from the County.   We are now working with the State in hopes that they would match these funds.  This could mean 3 million for the well project.  The timing would be in early Fall, this is Federal funding as part of the American Cares Act.  Dr. Minton stated these funds would need to be utilized immediately.

Stephen Miche reported an update on the Jeff LaBar water issue.  After conversing with the District’s attorney, he was advised that due to the Moratorium and easement issues (on Sundance Resort property) this is the burden of the property owner, not the District.  Mr. LaBar needs to settle any easement issues with Sundance Resort and obtain water in anticipation of the Moratorium lifting.

The A/C unit was fixed, Stephen will be taking a vacation July 14-19. The deadline for the EQ project is in August.  Due to some equipment issues, its unsure if the project will be completed on time but is making good headway.

Action Items

#1 Approval of the June 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Duaine Dorton moved to accept the June 2021 board meeting minutes as written, Gary Liddiard seconded.  All aye, no opposed.  Motion passed.

#2 Utility and Grading Plans

Nate Walter-LEI shared a presentation named “Base Area Grading Plan-Sundance Resort 05-12-2021”.  Currently there are various site improvements occurring at Sundance.  A ski lift replacement is underway with the Utah County Building Department.  The Board of Adjustment Approval has been received, they are in progress of constructing the towers.  With that project the grade improvements are taking place which will “increasing the efficiencies down here in the base area to make for a better skier experience down there in the base area”.  Because of this grading some of the utilities will need to be relocated including power, fiber, water and potentially some leach fields.

Nate explained the existing and proposed sites through the graph and map presentation being shared.  The grades and depth of the utilities were explained.  Dr. Minton inquired about any future development and the proposed utility replacements.  Nate stated they have been collaborating with engineers and builders regarding future building.  Dr. Minton discussed the wastewater and possible slides due to pumping wastewater into the drainage areas.  Dr. Minton asked with the cleaner wastewater, should disposing the waste in these drainage areas should be reexamined?  Nate stated the State has been less restrictive on wastewater usage as it’s getting cleaner through processing and discussions of use for example snow making or irrigation purposes have been had, but he is unsure how far down the road that would be a possibility.  Ryan Taylor stated we do need the existing drain fields because our current permits are specifically for those drain fields.  Dumping into the stream has been discussed in the past but due to high phosphate levels, it would need higher levels of treatment.  Reuse is an interesting idea and has potential for irrigation, the State is looking more favorable on that idea and may be an option in the future.  Stephen stated the way we are treating the wastewater now, we are struggling to meet standards.  Dumping into the stream would mean stricter standards that couldn’t be maintained at this time. Dr. Minton stated when we get closer to the point of needing to expand the leach fields, that would be a good time to discuss other use of wastewater discharge.

Stewart Olsen asked about mapping of the utilities and who will pay for mapping and making sure they are properly reported to the State, District, County etc.  Nate stated utilities are always tricky, he gave the example of Blue Stakes only giving an accuracy of one foot one way or the other.  For example the main power line that runs power to the canyon was not mapped by anyone including Rocky Mountain Power and it was their line, Blue Stakes didn’t have it on there maps either and it was hit during the EQ project at Sundance.  Stewart Olsen expressed concern about being notified of utility line changes, so they are mapped properly to avoid an expense to the District if they are not identified properly and hit.  Nate stated that if they are digging utilities, it would be at their expense if they are needing to dig and move lines.

Duaine Dorton asked if there was any potential interference with the current drain fields and where they are?  Stephen Miche stated there may be some concern about ground saturation and how close they are to the ski towers. It was decided between North Fork Public Works and Sundance Resort, if there is any ground cover that is removed and needed to be dug deeper, any fields that are exposed or damaged would be repaired or relocated so no amount of capacity would be diminished.  Czar Johnson-Sundance Resort stated that every tower foundation has been dug and they have not hit a single lateral, the dirt is very dry.  He doesn’t feel the drain fields are that high in the ground.

Stewart Olsen stated he recalled in the past there being a foundation concern with a slab of limestone or clay stone that was prone to slipping if it were to get wet.  Nate said that will be examined for any future expansion.  Stephen Miche asked with the expansion what the plans were for sewer usage.  Nate stated there will be more people as expansion takes place.  Stephen asked if there was an estimated sewer output that the District will have to treat, and will there be a water impact to the District’s system and current water sources?  Nate stated no that Sundance capacity is restricted by the amount of parking stalls and access, this doesn’t increase any of that.  There should be no increases with this expansion and replacement of the lift.

The proposed motion that the plans provided allow the relocation of utilities specific to culinary water and mains as relates to NFSSD with direct coordination with Stephen Miche during that process to ensure that all of the standards and requirements for North Fork are met was moved by Stewart Olsen.  Duaine Dorton seconded the motion.  Chad Linebaugh disclosed his conflict of interest as an employee of Sundance Resort but does support this motion.  All others aye, no opposed.  Motion passed.

 #3 Aspen Grove Well Study

This was work planned for Loughlin to do in 2023 once a bond was secured which includes preliminary evaluation report and technical specs for the well.  This is the well site just inside with Forest service area just above Aspen Grove.  With the possible funding from the County and State, it would be prudent to have these steps completed in anticipation of the well construction.  The work is going to cost the District $12,000 from the Stewart Spring redevelopment funds and recouped when the funds become available from the anticipated American Cares Act Grant.

Stewart Olsen motioned to approve Loughlin to complete the evaluation report and specs for the future Forest Well using money budgeted for the Stewart Spring project.  Duaine Dorton seconded, all aye and no opposed.  Motion passed.

Dr. Minton asked Ryan Taylor what the possibility of getting a driller secured by the Fall.  Ryan stated it’s not likely due to Utah’s severe drought conditions may people are seeking water sources, but if we have plans lined up, we have a better possibility.

At 9:07 p.m. Duaine Dorton motioned to close the July 2021 Monthly Meeting of the Board, Stewart Olsen seconded, all aye, no opposed.  Meeting ended at 9:07 p.m.

  • Minutes noted and recorded by Emily Johnson-District Clerk.
  • All materials presented in the meeting will be posted as an attachment to the meeting minutes at

Agenda Board Meeting 7-8-2021

2020 NFSSD Financial Statements

Fire Report May 2021

6-2021 Monthly Water Report for Board

Modified copy of Agenda-Item-Form-2020-2 ***Base Area Grading Plan Presentation was too large for upload, contact the District Clerk for a digital or paper version.

Aspen Grove Well Study Board Action Item