North Fork Special Service District
Monthly Board Meeting
January 3, 2019 at 7:00 pm
North Fork Fire Station

Board members present:
Dr. Minton-Chair, Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair, Gary Liddiard-Secretary, Bert Thomas, Duaine Dorton, Keith Payne
Duaine Dorton left at 10:21 p.m., didn’t return.
Staff members present:
Emily Johnson-District Clerk, David Marsella-Fire Chief, Stephen Miche-Public Works, Aubree Durrant-Public Works, Joe Martin-Controller, Ryan Taylor-TO Engineering.

Public Present:
Nichi Hunt, Kurt Burge, Chris Storbeck, Rex Olsen

o Joe Martin-Controller left at 8:11 p.m., didn’t return
o At 8:33 p.m. emergency call came in, David Marsella, Stephen Miche and Aubree Durrant left to attend to the call.
o Stephen Miche returned at 8:43 p.m.

Meeting called to order at 7:04 p.m. by Chair, Dr. Stephen Minton

• Public Comments

– Dr. Minton-resident, discussed problems he is seeing regarding the holiday season traffic and concerns that homeowners may need to place no parking signs. Discussions took place on whether calling tow trucks would be a good idea or if sending out public notices or other forms of notification could be beneficial. It was decided this could be a good project for the new community committee to pursue.

Informational Items:
• #1 Financial Reports
– Joe Martin-CPA/Controller, presented. Joe gave a small introduction of himself and his credentials.
Joe explained that NFSSD is an Enterprise and what that consists of in regard to how budgets and financials are dealt with. He reported that the revised 2018 and 2019 adopted budgets have been submitted and accepted by the State of Utah. Joe discussed the some of the errors Caselle is having due to improper implementation at the time of set up and things that are being fixed by both Caselle and the District Clerk to help utilize the software correctly such as setting up expense, liability accounts, wage codes and other calculations that were set up incorrectly at the time of the Caselle conversion. Joe went over the budgets that have been submitted to the State. Discussion of when review of the budget and possible revisions of budgets should or could take place pursued. Joe discussed
why we have budgets and the States purpose for us to give transparency such as notifications and public hearings, that is to show the public where monies are going, let the community weigh-in on these decisions and to prevent any fraudulent use of funds. That would consist of revising the budget if needed before monies are spend should there be an unexpected expenditure. Joe discussed giving a budget to actual report monthly to show where the budget stands. Dr. Minton asked, “where are we at now”. Joe stated that internal controls are needed. Internal controls and auditing pros and cons pursued. Joe asked are there approvals being made before payments are sent out? What policies are set up to make sure payments are valid, do we have a financial committee? Joe discussed things he could contribute as to setting up over-site and planning protocols. Chris Storbeck-resident asked at what point the public can review the revenue and spending habits of the District. Joe explained that once Caselle is set up and running properly (which he anticipates will take a couple of months) the transparency will be clearer and easier to access. Dr. Minton discussed the importance of transparency for the District. Action item to be added for next month will be Joe’s role, what scope he will cover, and what internal controls will be set. Bert Thomas-Board Member discussed Joe creating a structure for the District and help the Board to understand the numbers, finding the holes (where we are lacking controls) and identify what is needed moving forward to be in compliance and secure.

Joe discussed the balance sheet items on the budget submitted to the State. Joe asked the Board what kind of reports would help them to understand our financials and how he can help to have their needs met. Bert Thomas-Board Member suggested a separate line item explanation on high dollar/Capital Projects. Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair discussed reporting through Caselle and is hoping for clearer reporting. Discussion of the meters and the software being out of date for Badger were had. The prior input of data that was promised and what was being utilized were not accurate. The District Clerk and the Public Works department are working together to fix the set-up errors in Caselle and create a more automated and accurate reporting system.

• #2 Fire/EMS Report
-Dave Marsella-Fire Chief, presented. Chief Marsella reported year end averages, NFFD calls/responses went up 25% from last year. The grant has acquired 6 interns along with several part time employees and volunteers. Wildland billings pending are approximately $30,000. Dave is working with the State of Utah to recover the funds. This is due to improper paperwork being sent in prior to him becoming active Chief, and the State holding funds until proper paperwork is submitted. No fires to report. Bert asked for a breakdown of the calls (accident, fire, EMT, etc.), the Chief agreed to get those numbers to the Board next month.

Discussion of the roads and parking and how to regulate/police them were had. Gary suggested this may be an issue for the new community committee. Stephen discussed making an area for the County Sheriff to allow a person to be on site at the District. David Marsella-Fire Chief stated he would put in a call to the County Sheriff for ideas. Discussions of HOA perhaps should be involved in putting up signs for no parking/fire lanes.
• #3 Financial Report/District Clerk Information
-Emily Johnson-District Clerk, presented. The Little Manual for SSD was handed out to the Board Members. This book has guidelines for Utah Special Service Districts. It serves as a “go to” in regard to questions the Board may be faced with when making decisions and to aid in following proper procedures. Emily encouraged Board Members who have not completed their online training and certification, to do so ASAP. Emily handed out an information sheet asking the Board to list
how they would like to be identified and how their contact information is to be displayed on the new North Fork Website.
#4 Water/Wastewater Report
– Aubree Durrant presented. 2018 July-Dec Water report was submitted to the Board. Aubree explained the bar graph and the source totals. Hydrants, meters, leaks, fires can all contribute to water use. PW has been continually seeking out water loss and is trying to isolate problems and fix them. Usage as a total has gone down but the loss of water percentage is remaining consistent. There are some big meters that are broken, which is the biggest contributor for unaccounted water. Stephen Miche-Public Works, discussed accuracy, checking meters, and trying to salvage old meters. Stephen believes a meter is around $180 for a new residential meter. Terrain, elevation and other issues can contribute to the life of a meter. Stephen reviewed the costs of meters and reading equipment that was discussed in December 2018 Board Meeting. Ryan Taylor-TO Engineering discussed smaller contributing issues with leaks such as running toilets, leaking faucets, etc., but he feels that the big issues regarding unaccounted water have been resolved. The updating of meters, types of meters, time and efforts of changing/upgrading meters ensued. Stephen and Ryan will come back with a detailed proposal on meter costs. Dr. Minton suggested this be an item on the community committee’s agenda. Aubree discussed some issues with the polymer unit for wastewater. Septic sucking/hauling and chemical cleans have been being done. The budget for hauling off waste has been more than usual, normal haul expense is around $600 and was approx. $3500 for the month. Some pipe issues have occurred as well.

Stephen stated he has been asked about where funds are going by the community, he fears Capital Improvement funding needs to be set aside for WW Capital Improvement and show on the home owners bills too account for where the rate increases are being allocated. Stephen suggested bond and other billing issues perhaps should be listed on the bills sent out to customers. Stephen explained Emily set a goal to get Caselle running with accurate information by end of February to insure the Utility accounts are set up correctly.

Aubree GIS maps have been created, new maps are being included to show seasonal, water hydrant info, valve placements being done by TO Engineering. The goal is to help the fire fighters to find locations with 98% accuracy. Bridges, gates, etc. will be included and a virtual map will be available for evacuation and emergency purposes. Dr. Minton asked if there is any new info from the geologist hired by Sundance, Duaine Dorton stated Sundance was still working on it.

The wet well at Aspen grove is producing significantly less.

Duaine Dorton-Board suggested adding the agenda item of “expenses/costs of meters and equipment” to next Board Meeting. Stephen agreed to waiting for the action item to be added to February 2019 before moving forward with purchases of equipment.

Action Items
#1 Approval of December 2018 Meeting Minutes.
-Motion to accept December 2018 Board Meeting Minutes was given by Stewart Olsen-Vice chair, Duaine Dorton seconded, all aye with exception to Keith Payne who abstained due to not being present at the previous meeting. Motion passed.

#2 Appointing of Community Committee Members/Advisory, Rex Olsen-resident, presented.
Rex Olsen gave an update of the community committee that is currently in development. He discussed that the 3 initial components would be:
Fire Wise
Water Conservation:

This would consist of community concerns such as community efforts for water conservation, review and updating of the evacuation plan and how to distribute that information to the community. His goal is to get as many members of the community involved as possible. Residents would be important contributors, due to the large number of rentals and the “transient population” there would be some challenges. Duaine Dorton discussed concern that the Chief, Public Works and other District staff would not be able to take responsibilities over the committees as that that could take them away from their job/duties and instead this should be a community effort. Dr. Minton explained this would be a voluntary group, it would be informational. Dr. Minton would like someone who can motivate groups and get the community involved placed to head these committees. Dr. Minton suggested Chris Storbeck-resident could head the water conservation group. Dr. Minton suggested Julie Mack has many skills and has put a lot of efforts into the community and has a great relation with the community and would also be a great choice to head a committee.

A community water plan, evacuation and conservation design need to be set, this committee would oversee creating these groups. They can address how best can we enroll the community and get interaction and feedback from the community. These advisory groups would report to the Board and give their advisement as to issues and concerns and to see the community needs are met. Gary Liddiard suggested the HOA Presidents or leaders could designate a member from each HOA to be involved. Emily-District Clerk asked that the HOA’s and list of their contacts be complied. Nichi H-resident and part time employee of NFSSD discussed “technology” such as FB be used to reach more people. Nichi and Kurt B-residents, came tonight to volunteer for the fire portion of this group. Ideas on outlets of communication pursued. Dr. Minton suggested his wife would like to be included. Rex Olsen will get a list of volunteers complied. Dr. Minton asked resident Chris Storbeck if he would like to chair the Water Committee, Chris accepted.

A name of the committee was discussed, North Fork Community Advisory Group was suggested as the temporary name until an official title is decided upon. Stewart Olsen-Chair motioned to accept the temporary name, Duaine Dorton seconded, all aye. Motion passed.

Motion to closed session by Dr. Minton-Chair to go into executive session. Gary Liddiard seconded, all voted aye. Motion passed.

• At 9:56 p.m. all public and employees left for closed session to ensue by NFSSD Board Members present
• Minutes recorded and noted by Emily Johnson-District Clerk. Draft sent to Board Members 1/19/2019