Monthly Board Meeting

February 7, 2019 at 7:00 pm

North Fork Fire Station


Board members present:

Dr. Minton-Chair, Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair, Gary Liddiard-Secretary, Duaine Dorton, Keith Payne, Bryan Ackerman, Thomas Merrill

Staff members present:

Emily Johnson-District Clerk, David Marsella-Fire Chief, Stephen Miche-Public Works, Aubree Durrant-Public Works, Ryan Taylor-TO Engineering. 

Public Present:

Chris Storbeck


Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Chair, Dr. Stephen Minto

  • Public Comments

Dr. Minton-Chair discussed length of Board Meetings and hearings and suggested

Informational Items:

  • #1 Water Community Committee Report

– Chris Storbeck-Water Community Committee, presented.  Chris spoke about the time he has spent with the Public Works department and commended the department and gave his appreciation.  Chris explained he is the author of the information he is submitting but expressed his gratitude for the PW aid.  Chris spoke about the jump in usage, 44%.  The chart he provided titled “2012-2018 Annual Usage”, showed the calendar year master meter readings.  These aligned with the months of the year to show usage rates and totals through the season.  Chris is trying to determine a trend.  Chris discussed some of the questions he had about water rights, usage and unaccounted water.  He feels there is some conflicting data that requires a review from the board.  Chris has offered to speak to the board on his thoughts if they have questions.  The “Water Projects List” was presented to the board, there are items that he feels need priority including source output due to outdated meters and additional water supply including rehabilitating springs.  Chris reported that Dave Boshard came by last week and spoke to the water committees for about 2 hours about the Aspen Grove development.  Unaccounted water leaks may be related more to meter readers and not leaks.  Many test show meters are not recording some of the water.  Chris discussed replacement of software and meters which has been discussed in prior board hearings, by replacing meters source output, water leaks he can be solved by the one step of replacing meters.  The geology of the area was discussed including Dave Boschard’s review of the area.  Water rights need to be discussed with Lee Kapaloski-Legal Council, a date for this meeting has not been set but will take place soon.  Ryan Taylor of T-O Engineers spoke of the “picture” of the water rights and states it has been done, Ryan stated these are recorded with the State of Utah and feels they are settled and will be accessible to the District.  Discussions of water conservation still being a matter that needs to be undertaken with the community as well as the charges for water and waste water and how funds are to be used for those items.  Chris discussed the billing system and expressed concern for consistency and accuracy, he discussed Sundance’s use of water vs. the residents and the cost of fees.   Sundance is billed on conveyance.  Discussions about the water rights and uses took place, including the “1982 Agreement”.  Chris feels changes that have not been incorporated and concerns for a review of the billing formula needs to be addressed and revisited.  Discussions of Brickerhaven having insufficient water in winter, but the fire risk due to inadequate water supply is something we need to approach them about, working together to find an agreement to be of mutual service agreement.  The board commended Chris Storbeck on his work and service for the District.

Dr. Minton-Chair discussed how much he had learned in the Water Committee meetings he has attended.  He expressed the urgency of knowing what water we have, if there is enough, and the best alternatives for conservation.  Meters have been a continual discussion of the board, but due to our size, prioritizing larger issues is important.  Efficiency is key to utilize our resources.  Dr. Minton discussed his concerns and conversations he had with Stephen Miche-Public Works about approaches on using our resources.  Cost is a concern; capital improvement plans need to be determined.  Dr. Minton feels better education on water/aquafers, studies of wells and resources are needed.  Dr. Minton verbalize how impressed he is with the Water Committee and the reports, investigations and data they have contributed.  Dr. Minton discussed the importance of metering and wants the District to take a deep look into the matter.

  • #2 Fire/EMS Report

-Dave Marsella-Fire Chief, presented.  Dave is meeting with the State to and obtain the $16,500 that is still outstanding for reimbursement from Wildland fires in 2018.  Dave gave a general pie chart of calls for last year leaving out any personal information that could violate HIPAA.  Dave met with dispatch today and no fee increases will take place this year and he explained Wildland staffing is still underway.  Classes, certification and training were discussed.  Dave stated the budget looks like its matching our estimate for January 2019.   Chipping and engines use is still a matter to take into consideration in the Spring/Summer, but no rate increases are foreseen.  County contract and requirements were discussed by the Board and Dave.  Dave will be reviewing the contract this Spring with District’s legal counsel.

The Fire committee has 5-6 people who would like to be involved and will be meeting in a few days.  Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair stated we need to utilize the new website to get this type of information out to the community.  Dr. Minton reported Julie Mack is working on organizing her committee.

#3 Financial Report/District Clerk Information

-Emily Johnson-District Clerk, presented.  Emily passed out a budget worksheet to the Board.  She discussed there is still a lot of internal fixes that are taking place to correct set up errors with Caselle, but we were able to close the 2018 year successfully and gather a report of income and expenses.  She encouraged the Board to review the budget, and we can re-visit the budget if we feel there needs to be any changes.  Duaine Dorton-Board asked for a break-out of month to month actuals to show a trend/pace now that we can access data through Caselle.  Dr. Minton asked if the “issues” with Caselle are being addressed and worked out.  Emily reported all year end reporting with the State of Utah and the Federal Government, taxes, W2’s, etc. were submitted on time and correctly, and other work she has been doing with Joe Martin-Controller.  Emily expressed what a great asset Joe has been to the District, he only worked 3.5 hours in the last pay period, his knowledge and experience is of great value.  Joe will be coming in during February and March to help Emily prepare for the 2018 audit with Squire.  Discussions of the role of the District Clerk, past to present took place.  Emily explained the changes that have been taking place such as internal audits, adding CPA Joe Martin, having more Board members involved with financial processes and approvals, and Emily feels this will help avoid future problems.  Dr. Minton expressed the importance of fixing prior issues and being in compliance past, present and future.  Emily provided the Board with balances on every banking account the District holds ending January 2019.  Dr. Minton expressed how important job descriptions and updating protocols and processes being documented are for all departments.  Emily and Joe will work on a job procedure architecture with Joe Martin.  Emily stated she would be working on the Utilities module in Caselle to set it up correctly/accuracy checks.

#4 Water/Wastewater Report

– Aubree Durrant presented.  Aubree reported septic is taking more dumping, a new pump was installed and it’s working at optimal currently.  A back up pump system will be purchased for $1,300 in case the old pump is not rebuildable.  A meeting with Sundance for waste water recently took place, Duaine Dorton talked about the water works audit update.  Not a lot of ground-breaking information, since Sundance put in grease traps, the fog levels have gone down, but BOD has not gone down.  The treatment plants capability for use was discussed.  FOG samples were discussed and where the collection at out flows are being done.  Stephen suggested samples be taken at Sundance’s outflows, not the Districts.  The kitchen and the load on the current grease traps that serviced the original Sundance kitchens are not showing results in the new kitchen area.  Duaine expressed that since the grease traps were installed, rates have come down.  Sundance is in a data collection phase, Duaine expressed this is just an update and data is pending upon the Sundance audit of waste water.

Aubree explained there is no water report because many meters are deep under the snow and unable to read.  Aubrie gave a handout of the SNOTEL.  Discussions of snow levels YTD compared to last year took place.  Everyone is eager to get readings and new data, so trends can be tracked and hopefully we can anticipate the water for next year.  Aubrie discussed the fire and having to dig out a meter that was busted under concrete and snow.  The backhoe was of great use in that instance.  Ryan Taylor-T-O Engineers spoke to Zions Bank about exceeding the bond.  Zions is willing to work with the District, it was decided to add another bond in sections instead of adding to the current bond. Ryan handed out numbers on the pump station, Dr. Minton asked if the rates could increase, but Ryan expressed the rates are close to the same.  A rate study is needed to show we can cover bond at the current rate structure, but it needs to all be done quickly because it will affect the closing of the bond and delaying the well schedule.  Ryan expressed that good data is vital and needed as soon as possible.  He suggested using some of this bond money to accelerate updating meters should be considered.  Ryan Discussed his meeting with Gerber Construction and the pump and generator.  They discussed pressure zones, electricity being cut off due to a wildland fire and the generator being able to use the pump.  Ryan stated this month he is giving the numbers as information, but next month would like to bring an agenda item to the board.  Dr. Minton asked Ryan to bring numbers (costs) to the meeting next month.  Ryan feels this needs to be done to be in compliance with the division of drinking water, due to new drinking water rules.

Stephen stated metering, level sensors, data loggers, towers are needed to relay information for tracking purposes.  Dave Boshard-Consultant talked about source at Aspen Grove in a recent meeting, stress test was done at that time as well and have dropped 2-3 inches lower than usual.  Level and pressures sensors are needed to get accurate calculations and daily history and trends.  Next month Stephen Miche-Public Works will bring an action item to discuss funds.  Dr. Minton asked for dollar amounts and a priority list to be presented as well in next month’s meeting regarding these needed items.  Stephen expressed things are so interrelated, to achieve installation of meters, gathering accurate date, being in compliance with division of drinking water they may need to be done in conjunction with each other rather than on a “priority level”.  Dr. Minton would like a chart of % of what needs to be done and to priority’s the simultaneous projects and would like a collective dollar amount.

Stephen has set up some parameters of meters that are not working, they reside in high pressure high usage areas, he has created a list of problem areas, he thinks about 65 meters near Timphaven are needed to be replaced as a priority.  Because this is an informational item, a spreadsheet will be produced next month and an action to add these expenses to the bond or fit into the 2019 budget.

Action Items

#1 Approval of January 2019 Meeting Minutes.

-Motion to accept January 2019 Board Meeting Minutes by Gary Minton-Secretary, Duaine Dorton seconded, Thomas Merrill obtained, all other present Board voted aye.  Motion passed.

#2 PTIF Fund Transfers

-Emily Johnson-District Clerk presented.  Emily found during reconciliation of the 2018 Public Treasurers Investment Funds, the previous District Clerk mistakenly transferred monies from the fire fund to pay for a water bond.  Emily asked for permission to transfer these funds including lost interest from the Water Fund, to the Fire fund.  Discussion of the Savage PTI fund and its purpose took place, including the specific use for HAZMAT and if those funds should be kept separate from other Fire Funds.  It was decided to keep these HAZMAT funds in a sperate fund not to be combined with other Fire Department Capital Funds.  The topic of a waste water capital fund separate from public works was discussed.  Dr. Minton proposed a motion to allow Emily Johnson-District clerk to transfer $153,776.51 (original transfer of $150,000 + $3,776.51 of accrued interest) from Public Works PTIF 1470 to Fire Fund 348 and to create a separate PTIF specifically for the use of Waste Water.  Duane Dorton seconded motion, all voted aye.  Motion passed.

#3 Pines HOA contract/sewer

-Stephen Miche-Public Works discussed the history of The Pines HOA and an outstanding lien and debt they inherited.  In a board meeting that took place in 2017, a motion was passed to create a contract between the District and The Pines HOA to come to agreement on the prior balances owed to the District by the HOA and how water was to be billed in the future.  For whatever reason this contract was never signed and submitted to the District.  Upon reviewing the contract originally drafted by Lee Kapaloski-Legal Counsel, Stephen Miche-Public Works notice this agreement doesn’t include sewer, only water, fire or other District dues.  Discussion on this issue pursued, such as should sewer be added to contract and do we need to see if fire should be broken out between home owners?  Sewer contingent on water, and other district services many need to be included.  Motion by Gary Liddiard-Secretary to give Stephen Miche permission to discuss modifying service agreement to reflect The Pines HOA to be subject to all District services that are applicable to them with Legal Council before bringing to the HOA for signature.  Keith Payne second, all voted aye.  Motion passed.

#4 Meter Software Upgrade

-Stephen Miche-Public Works presented.  As discussed in the informational portion of the December 2018 and January 2019 Board Meetings, regarding meter software upgrade, Stephen is seeking permission to buy replacement meters, collection equipment and meter software which will cost approximately $3,600 to be billed to the Public Works repairs and maintenance.  Motion set to use funds for repairs and maintenance expenses for meter and meter software/equipment not to exceed $3,600 by Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair, Duaine Dorton seconded, all aye.  Motion passed.

#5 Meter Antenna Purchase

As discussed in the informational portion of the December 2018 and January 2019 Board Meetings, a meter antenna will need to be purchased to capture meter information that is no longer supported by the old software.  Motion set to allow purchase of meter antenna not to exceed $3,600 by Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair, Gary Liddiard-Secretary seconded, all aye.  Motion passed.

#6 Public Works Truck Lease

Lease on Public Works vehicle has expired.   Vehicle options were submitted from Hincklease and discussions of cost and needs of a work truck transpired.   Stewart Olsen motioned for the lease of the 2019 Ram ST 1500 4X4 crew cab V8 for the annual payment of $5,462.40.  Keith Payne seconded the motion, all voted aye.  Motion passed.

#7 Executive Session with Board for legal discussion and personnel matters

  • At 9:45 p.m. all public and employees left for closed session to ensue by NFSSD Board Members present including employees under review for discussions
  • Open session recommenced at 11:17 p.m.

Duaine Dorton-Board suggested the manager reviews will be filled out for the PW department (Aubrie and Tanner) by Stephen Miche and document it in detail for employee files.  Stephen agreed to be diligent on review forms and will have 2 board members approve his employee review and or wage changes including raises/bonuses moving forward.  Contracts and policies need to be reviewed and updated to reflect current district policies (if needed), typically we follow the County guidelines.  Stephen Miche’s contract with the District will be revised and signed after changes are made based on this closed session.

  • Motion to allow David Marsella authority to approve The Utah Trust to move forward on settling on the Emerson WC case, Dr. Stewart, Duaine seconded, all voted aye. Motion passed.
  • Motion to closed session and adjourn meeting by Bryan Ackerman-Board, Duane Dorton seconded, all voted aye. February 2019 Meeting of the Board adjourned at 11:25 p.m.

Minutes recorded and noted by Emily Johnson-District Clerk.  Draft sent to Board Members 2/27/2019

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Hinklease Vehicle Lease Quote

C. Storbeck Submission Annual Usage

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