North Fork Special Service District

Monthly Board Meeting

August 1, 2019 at 7:00 pm

North Fork Fire Station

Board members present:

Dr. Minton-Chair, Gary Liddiard-Secretary/Treasurer, Bert Thomas, Keith Payne, Thomas Merrill

 Staff members present:

Stephen Miche-Public Works Director, Emily Johnson-District Clerk, Aubree Durrant-Public Works, Ryan Taylor-TO Engineering, Nichole Berge-FF/Paramedic

 Public Present:

Chris Storbeck, Mr. and Mrs. Lysenko


Augusts Monthly Meeting of the Board was brought to order by Dr. Stephen Minton-Chairman at 7:00 p.m.

  • Public Comments


– Dr. Minton opened the meeting by expressing the importance of the Board serving the community equally, transparency and making people aware of the “rules” of the District and its policies as well as being organized and having documents available to the Board and the community.

Informational Items:

#1 Water Committee Report

– Chris Steinbeck-Community Water Committee Chair presented.  Chris reported he completed coordination of putting together a package for the Forest Service with well drawings, (Chris submitted this information to the Board).  Chris has been trying to contact the Forest Service to make an appointment to present the information for the proposed new well site.  Chris will follow up with them in the following days.  The Water Community Committee Meeting was scheduled for July 24th, due to the holiday and other pending issues and documentation needed from Lee Kapaloski-Legal Counsel, the meeting has been postponed.  Old documents from Lee Kapaloski need to be provided to be easily accessible for review.  Chris will follow up with obtaining the information he needs to move forward.  Chris will be rescheduling the Water Committee meeting for the middle of August 2019.

#2 Engineer Water and Sewer Update

– Dr. Minton gave a brief summary about the history of the District, how it has evolved, and how we are trying to localize historic documentation.  Dr. Minton explained to the public in attendance the system the District inherited including some “water issues”.  Dr. Minton invited the public to be a part of the community committees.  Chris Storbeck spoke about supply and demand of water and the concerns the District has been facing such as unaccounted water and the moratorium, due to lack of water and a unsuccessful well attempt last year.  Chris explained we are looking into potential new well sites and taking other provision to better our water system.   Chris also spoke of the possibility of rehabilitating the Stewart Springs as it’s not putting out the same water it was 80 years ago.  This will allow more water sources for future building.  Chris stated he feels optimistic about the potential forest well site.

Stephen Miche-Public Works discussed the approximate 4 million gallon a month leak that was repaired in June.  Conservation, finding new water sources and fixing an aging system are actions being taken to protect our sources and improve our water system.  Dr. Minton discussed that conveyance of water was a priority in the past, now resources and water conservation is our priority.

Ryan Taylor-Engineer presented.  The Aspen Grove pump station is still under construction, we have learned a lot about the system that we didn’t know.  Ryan explained the water department (Aubree and Stephen) worked with the contractors to find pipes that were documented incorrectly regarding sizes and location.  The large pump is pending instillation, now we are waiting for Rocky Mountain Power to place power, this will be are next big hurdle as Rocky Mountain Power is behind schedule.  Ryan anticipates the pump station will be online in the next month or two.  Ryan reported that the Stewart Spring reconstruction plans have been submitted to the State, Ryan and Stephen are working towards approval and possible contractors.  Ryan stated when picking a contractor, we want someone who is very careful and a “tedious” contractor that will be willing to go slow and take surgical care due to our terrain and environment.

The waste water equalization (EQ) design is completed and has been sent in to the Division of Water Quality for approval.  There are currently 2 requests for bids from contractors.  The original plan was to have 3 bids for approval for tonight, but we are behind schedule due to the work and consideration being discussed in order to find a cost efficient and viable system with proper back up and redundancy.    Discussions of the waste water community meeting and the decision of the EQ system were reviewed.  The decision was that Sundance Resort will be paying for the equalization system (EQ).  Since North Fork will be the operators and maintain the system, it was discussed that the District would own and need designs approved by the District.  If this EQ system doesn’t work, there are other additions that can be made to the EQ such as adding a blower to help pre-treating before it reaches the systems basins.  Dr. Minton spoke to the public about the issues the waste water plant has been facing due to some of the fat and grease that is being treated through the tanks and actions the District is taking to mitigate the issues.

Stephen Miche-Public Works spoke with Water Works (the engineers for Sundance Resort) and will be meeting with them next week to go over the plant failure last month while experimenting with the single basin module they suggested.  Stephen expressed the importance of having multiple back up plans should the proposed EQ system agreed upon during waste water committee meetings should fail or not produce the anticipated results.  Dr. Minton explained he wants an agreement to be signed between North Fork Special Service District and Sundance Resort so there is a clear understanding of how the EQ system will be built, payed for and maintained.  Ryan feels we are working closer with the Sundance Resort and their engineers than we have in the past, which has been very helpful.  Ryan recommended that if the District is going to be maintaining and operating the system, it needs to be consistent in the ways the District wants to own, operate and maintain the proposed EQ system.  If the Sundance Resort engineers have ideas to improve the system, those ideas should be entertained, but if their recommendation is to build it another way, then they should own, operate and maintain the EQ system outside of the District.  If North Fork is going to be maintaining the system, they want to be involved with the plans and construction.  Dr. Minton would like a solid agreement “sign off” between North Fork and Sundance Resort on the maintenance and the design of the plant.

Concerns of odor control with the EQ system were discussed.  North Fork is trying to be cognitive of the Sundance Resort and their guests in designs, a carbon filter has been included to help with order.  The filters are recyclable, as expense and size are important, it’s equally important to have the staff to maintain the system and able to maintain the waste volume.  Dr. Minton expressed that the District is here to provide services equally to all the people of North Fork.  Ryan Taylor stated most entities use a surcharge or premiums due to stronger sewage concentration, this could be an answer to creating fairness to the residents that are not highly impacting the sewage system.  If waste could be reduced, then the surcharge too would go down.  When the EQ project is done there will be 2 pumps with piping therefore if one were to fail, the other will be a backup for redundancy.  Noise shouldn’t be an issue as it will be in the present pump station that has existing pumps.  The District is adamant that if the North Fork Special Service District waste water employees are to be maintaining and running the EQ basin, that North Fork Special Service District is involved in the designs of the tanks. The EQ basin is working as a “grease trap” of sorts.  The grease will rise to the top to be taken out by a septic service then send the other solids to the waste water plant.  A pretreatment surcharge for just restaurant grease needs to be discussed now. The explanation of why the tanks were underground, temps and the grease were explained.  Everyone who has a sewer hookup will go through this EQ system.  Ryan will have bids soon and discuss the designs and bids with Sundance to finish designs.  Ryan hopes to get construction started in the Spring of 2020.

#3 Fire/EMS Report

– Dave Marsella was not present, he is working on the Alaskan Wildfire in the Provo/Springville area.

The old brush truck Engine 213 is being used.  Stephen Miche did report there were two fatalities in the Provo Canyon over the weekend.  The Wasatch Hazmat assistance has been reimbursed to the District and the equipment being used has been returned.

#4 District Clerk Information

– Emily Johnson-District Clerk Presented.  Emily sent the Board an update on her progress with the 2018 financial audit and other pertinent information regarding the clerk information.  The Board reviewed this information prior to the Board meeting.  Emily entertained questions or comments, there were none.

#5 Water/Wastewater Report

– Aubree Durrant presented.  A source total handout was dispersed to the Board.  The unaccounted water source went down to 4.6% from 38% last month.  Stephen Miche explained some of the steps that are being taken to assist in these fixes, documenting this information and tagging it so it can be tracked by GPS in the future.  Aubree feels that that large leak that was fixed in June was a major culprit of the unaccounted water.  The new meters that are being replaced will be giving more accurate readings and help in finding some additional unaccounted water.  Stephen Miche discussed repairing a master meter at Sundance as the ultrasonic meters are not yet made in that size.  GPS and tracking of the pipes, their size, their history of repairs so a predictive model can be created.  Subbing out meter replacement was discussed, but cost management was an objective.  Real time readings are a goal of the District but it’s an expensive process.  Stephen Miche thanked the Board, Water Committee and Engineers for their support.

Stephen Miche reported Waste Water did need to do a vacuumed due to the excess buildup in the tanks.  A pump failed due to this.  Blowers and volume of air were discussed, oxygen toxicity and over oxygenation were discoursed.  Dr. Minton asked if we are making pollution, Ryan Taylor confirmed there is some pollution created.  Stephen thanked the Board for their input and questions.

Action Items:

#1 Approval of July 2019 Meeting Minutes

– Thomas Merrill motioned to accept the July 2019 board meeting minutes, Gary Liddiard seconded. Keith Payne abstained, all other present board members voted aye, Duaine Dorton reviewed and approved the minutes prior to the meeting.  Motion passed.

In closing, Dr. Minton expressed his thanks for all the progress the District has made.  Emily Johnson- District Clerk stated the 2018 Financial Audit with Squire would take place August 16, and that she feels prepared for this.  Stephen Miche-Public Works discussed some RTE’s and water use that needs to be reviewed.

At 8:28 p.m. Keith Payne motioned to end the August 2019 Meeting of the Board.  Bert Thomas seconded the motion, all voted aye, August Monthly Meeting of the Board closed.

  • Minutes noted and recorded by Emily Johnson-District Clerk. Draft sent to Board Members 9/4/2019