North Fork Special Service District

Monthly Board Meeting

April 4, 2019 at 7:00 pm

North Fork Fire Station

Board members present:

Dr. Minton-Chair, Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair, Gary Liddiard-Secretary, Bert Thomas, Keith Payne, Thomas Merril

Staff members present:

Emily Johnson-District Clerk, David Marsella-Fire Chief, Jonathan Cross-FD, Aubree Durrant-Public Works, Ryan Taylor-TO Engineering, Lee Kapaloski-Legal

Public Present:

Nichole Berge, Brent Hayes, Justin Sorenson, Jared Carr, Jenny Caldron, Glad Nelson

  • Ryan Taylor-TO Engineering left at 8:18 p.m., didn’t return
  • Lee Kapaloski-Legal left at 8:43 p.m., didn’t return
  • Glade Nelson left at 9:29 p.m., didn’t return


Meeting called to order at 7:02 p.m. by Chair, Dr. Stephen Minton

  • Public Comments

– None

*Due to time restraints, the agenda was somewhat modified during meeting.

Informational Items:

#1 Wastewater Summary of Initial Findings Presentation by Water Works Engineers

– Jared Carr-Water Works Engineers presented.  Water Works has been commissioned by Sundance to evaluate the water treatment process to improve functions, they have been looking at alternatives to preform onsite treatment or methods to improve North Fork’s processes.  Jared introduced himself and Water Works, he is a civil engineer who specializes in treatment plant operations and designs for new facilities and assessments.  Water Works is a Utah firm made of 80 people which includes drafters’ scientists and engineers.  The history of the plants start-up and what has happened since then were discussed, today they are looking at treatability for the NF plant with the current loads they are processing.  Jared stated the motivation of the study was to decipher if the flow that the plant was designed for as much or more than is being processed.  The collection system and the usage vs. residential cities were discussed.  Dr.  Minton discussed the history of the plant and what the usage and expectations and concerns have been, actual capacity vs. what was expected, and maintenance of the machines were discussed.   Flow and load design criteria and their parameters were conversed upon and a PowerPoint presentation of Water Works findings was exhibited.  Plant effluent performances from 2012 to 2018 were demonstrated in the PowerPoint, further questions and discussions of the NF plant’s design and how the waste is gathered and treated ensued.  A process overview was shown to demonstrate how the process works including the lift station, the recycle and treatment through to the draining.   Aubree stated the results of the nitrogen from the Waste Water, was due to oxygen levels.  2013-2018 average daily flows were discussed.   Funding of the WW plant was discussed, and utilization being used at a max capacity and the concern to the District was explained by Dr. Minton, he explained they met with Kubota and have been researching how to use the plant at the highest productivity level.

The plant failure of 2017, the temperatures and water flow that occurred in that year were revisited.  The BOD concentrations and the samples were reviewed through a PP chart, membranes and their life and protection were discussed.  Water Works feels the membranes are in “good shape” through testing that was done.  Acid washes and the strain they possibly are putting on the membranes were discussed, Water Works stated they feel there is no evidence of membrane integrity being an issue.

Aubree Durant-Public Works sated they use acid washes as a last resort, they are typically done once a year.  Design vs. observed conditions in reporting was presented.  Aqua Engineering and data that they previously presented to the District were discussed, Dr. Minton asked why their numbers are so much different than the information Water Works was providing at this meeting.  Water Works stated they didn’t do loading studies.  Stewart Olsen-Vice Chair asked for a loading explanation, the impact to bugs, the solids content flow rate times the concentration which gives lbs. per day.  Waste Water stated they didn’t see the loading calculations were done, which is why the data is so different. Low flow and concentration were discussed, Jared discussed how samples may have been done in different places.

Replumbing of fat traps at the Sundance restaurants were explained by the Sundance personnel present.  The recommendation of Water Works was the DAF would not be beneficial on the grounds of the Sundance Resort, that perhaps treatment upstream when product has cooled would be more beneficial.  Samplings have been being done downstream, and Water Works feels that represents the FOG that Sundance is generating.  Sampling in other places such as outside of the Redford Conference Center was higher.  A week ago, Sundance stated new traps were placed, no data has been collected since it’s been such a short time, they feel like they will have more information of the increase of collecting FOG, all the dish pits will be collected.   Water Works stated Kubota has not been on site but will be visiting the Sundance site soon.  Initial process modeling results were bullet pointed in the PP presentation, season flow and capacity were discussed.  Dr. Minton asked if the tanks were warmed, would it make a difference?  Water Works feels that does seem to be an option but may be more expensive.  It came into question if Water Works testing took into consideration that NF waste water is having to use both basins at full capacity, where the second basin should always be a backup tank and the risk of overcapacity.  Water works stated they are still looking at solutions, they are just here to report initial findings, to give an overview, and converse with the Board.  Water Works feels the volume of basis vs. biological product is the problem, temperature data and other issues will be looked at in modeling.  Dr. Minton expressed our goal is to maximize the plant, and that Collaboration between Sundance and NF is important for all parties involved.  Discussion of resolutions were had.  Waste Water’s next steps will be reviewing the draft report and getting feedback.  Water Works stated Kubota would be visiting with Sundance on the 23rd of April to do a workshop.  Stewart Olsen asked that North Fork’s Water Department and engineer be present.

Dr. Minton expressed concern of the conflicting information Kubota previously advised the District of seems much different than the data Water Works is presenting today.  It was agreed a sample of the membrane seems to be an important test to have done, as Kubota advised the District the membranes were maxing out on their life expectancy, which is contrary to what Water Works is suggesting.  The engineers for North Fork, including Aqua Engineering would like to be included in meetings with Kubota for recommendations.  The presentation concluded, and the Sundance Resort and Water Works personnel departed from the board meeting.

#6 Water Share Information (Informational Item)

– Lee Kapaloski-Legal Counsel presented.  Lee reported that a new property owner handed in an application which included water rights that appear to be genuine and registered with water company which is 2-acre feet located below the Jordanelle dam with a priority date of 1921 and certified with a good standing company, these would be good rights with a change of diversion including the well.  Only one-acre foot of water would be used on the property, the other acre foot will stand approved on the application, but the water will not be transferred to the District at this time.  Lee will work with the owner to get the transfer of the rights in writing soon.

#2 Water Share Rowley (Action Item)

– Lee Kapaloski-Legal Counsel presented.  Lee Discussed the “phantom shares” of water that were emailed to him by a property owner wanting to hook into the District’s water system.  Lee Distributed copies of the certificates he was emailed, to the Board.  Lee stated they appear to be genuine and are registered with the Provo Reservoir Water Users Company (not Deer Creek).  The priority date on the certificate is 1902, this is a valid company in good standing, the mystery is “where is this share?”.  The certificate has the North Fork Special Service District listed as the owner of the transfer dated 28th day of February A.D. 2007 but the endorsement sheet is blank which means legally the share is owned by the District.  Lee explained he didn’t know the intent of the person who emailed him was, he has not spoken to them personally as he was researching the rights through the water company.  Lee’s research found an approval for a well, 7.5-acre feet, which was submitted to the State engineer in 2012 approved in October 2017 for UDOT (shed).  Lee wonders if this .167 of a share may be part of the shares approved for a well in 2012.  Lee feels it has value, but its historical origin is unclear.  “Rodney” and his “file” were discussed.  Lee feels it’s worth investigating.  There is no filing with the engineer of this water, the water user company states this certification is in the Districts name.  This matter is tabled until the origin of the rights can be determined.

#3 Water Service Moratorium Resolution (Action Item)

– Lee Kapaloski-Legal Counsel presented.  Lee explained that there have been many issues the District has been facing regarding water resources for the District.  Lee addressed the Board regarding the question if we are doing all we can to protect the citizens of North Fork and existing users.  Due to limitation of resources, the District could be creating a liability issue by over extending the water system.    Lee expressed that the District is obligated to do the best they can to deliver water to existing users, and not allowing people to connect knowing it could interfere with current users or cause a liability of inadequate fire protection.  A prepared motion and statue were presented to the board which explained how resolutions are adopted.  Lee proposes that a moratorium be adopted by the District to protect the best interest of the North Fork Community.  There is no time limit or length of the moratorium.  Lee explained this is not just about water supply, this is a limitation on physical supply.  The way it will be lifted is through the engineer and administration verifying there is a set amount of water available, but we do not know the time frame on this moratorium.  Lee wanted to make clear, this is a physical water supply issue.  Bert Thomas-Board asked that a list of people that we have an obligation to supply water to/pending will-serve letters be compiled.  Dr. Minton motioned that a published notice is to be printed in the newspaper, Aspen Grove and Sundance are to be notified ASAP and physical notice is to be posted at the District offices. Thomas Merrill motioned to accept moratorium resolution 2019-01, Gary Liddiard second all aye.  Motion passed.

Informational Items continued:

#2 Financial Report

– Joe Martin-Controller presented.   Information titled “internal controls draft” and “draft of financial statements” was distributed to the Board. This include a summary of suggestions Joe has for internal controls for the District.  Joe discussed that Caselle is not working as quickly as we had hoped on correcting initial set up issues.  Joe is hoping to start working on audit preparations in the next few weeks.   The financial statements show where we are at now, but there are items that need to be capitalized and depreciated to help the audit go smoother.  Joe stated he will speak with the departments on the assets and equipment and determine how they should be categorized.  The infrastructure of the District was discussed, Joe stated we want to capture about 80% of assets and depreciate them over time.  Joe explained that the cashflow statement shows there was nothing collected for property taxes for 2017.  Not all of this is revenue, but the cashflow didn’t happen until 2018 which will influence the budget.  Joe discussed going into historical data to review financials will be important to do after the audit, Joe is hoping to have a clearer representation and comparison of historic data vs. current fund information once the audit with Squire is complete and the Caselle data base is fully functioning.

#3 Fire/EMS Report

– David Marsella-Fire Chief presented.  The County contract was paid, there was an increase this year.  The Chief feels this will steadily rise.  First quarter we had 18% increase in calls, 3 structure collapses from snow and possibly a 4th, that has not been confirmed.  There have been a lot of phone calls about property values raising.  In his research the contrasts of our rates are somewhere in the middle in comparison with similar entities.  The Sundance pancake breakfast was announced, that will be held April 27th.  EMS billings/income are low, we have switched billing companies, we are having them go back through prior year billings since there is an outstanding debt of $90,000 in unpaid EMS billings.  David is hoping to increase collections from 50% to 80% through the new ambulance billing company, Gold Cross.  David has been looking into purchasing a generator from FEPP for the pumphouse at Aspen Grove, this is a military generator and would be free, if one can be found.  A shipping container may need to be obtained for storage.  This generator would serve as a backup generator for emergent purposes.  He will report back to the board when he has more information.  The first reimbursement request for FEMA grant has been submitted.  Applications for 3 other grants have been submitted for reimbursements.  Fire house expansion is a real concern.  David expressed he is not asking for money but looking into options for a safe and efficient fire house.  There have been high call volumes on weekends, and the District needs to house the first responders.  A committee meeting was recommended to sit down and go over historical information and options to improve the fire quarters.

#4 Financial Report/District Clerk Information

– Emily Johnson-District Clerk, presented.  Emily stated she sent out 13 delinquency notices to residents equaling $35,092.45 in unpaid District fees.  Water shut offs will be the next step.  Emily spoke of her recent discussions with Caselle to fix the internal controls, the data base is still failing as the initial set up was not complete. The payroll module alone has taken about 5 months to fix all the tax issues, W2, and other internal errors.  Emily will continue to work with to Caselle to get all modules in complete working order.  Right now, a big issue is the set up of the Utility Management.  The Utility Management module is not working properly with the General Ledger module.  Caselle has been understaffed and had some glitches in their 2019 module updates, so they are extremely difficult to get in touch with.

#5 Water/Wastewater Report

– Aubree Durrant-Public Works presented.  Aubree reported the Waste Water had had to do 2 chemical cleans, hydrochloric acid due to most likely FOG, no history of scaling was detected.

Action Items

#1 Approval of March 2019 Meeting Minutes.  

– Motion to accept February 2019 Board Meeting Minutes was made by Gary Liddiard-Secretary, Duaine Dorton-Board seconded, all aye.  Motion passed.

#4 Summer Brush/Wildland Crew

– David Marsella-Fire Chief presented.   There is a mitigation issue in the District.  There are funds in the budget for labor from Wildland, he is wanting to hire 3-5 people to primarily due brush clearing through the summer.  Depending on their qualification level, as an incentive, they would have the ability to go out and make money fighting fires, if needed.  They would need to meet all current standards, so they could go on calls, but there are so many down trees, there is a lot of work to be done.   Some upgrades to radios and equipment and gear would be needed, a grant that has been applied for and could bring in reimbursements for that.  There is an ordinance that there is $100 fee if resident requests tree removal/chipping, but there are some areas that are not assessable.  The chipper is being serviced at this time.  The chipping can be left in place for property owners to use, some of the bigger wood can be stacked for homeowners for wood burning stoves.  Motion to allow the North Fork Fire Department to hire a summer brush/wildland crew for mitigation not to exceed a labor budget of up to $25,000 Gary Liddiard moved, Keith Payne seconded, all aye.  Motion passed.

It was discussed and decided keeping a separate budget for wildland and property owners for transparency and clarity would be necessary.

– Dr. Minton-Chair Motioned to go into closed executive session with board members in attendance, Keith Payne seconded, all voted aye, motion passed.  Executive session began at 9:43 p.m.

At 9:43 p.m. all public and employees left for closed session to ensue by NFSSD Board Members present and Joe Martin to discuss personnel updates.

  • Minton motioned to close the April 2019 Board Meeting, Stewart Olsen seconded, meeting concluded after 10:30 p.m
  • Minutes recorded and noted by Emily Johnson-District Clerk. Draft sent to Board Members 5/2/2019